Jakarta -Of course it feels happy and very happy to see your friends or family have given birth to a handsome and adorable baby boy. To participate in celebrating and welcoming him, one of the best ideas is to give him a birthday present or present. for Little One. Of course, giving gifts at this joyful moment can make your little one’s parents happier and make their own beautiful memories for their little one. According to the advice from Very Well Family, in choosing a gift for a newborn baby, you can try to remember the lifestyle of your parents and the needs of your little one’s family. Some may prefer a practical gift that can be used for years to come while others will appreciate a fun gift that will hold the baby’s attention. And if you are confused, mementos or items that can be adapted to the wishes and needs of your little one’s family will certainly be more memorable. Here are some examples of the best gifts for baby boys that can inspire you, quoted from Very Well Family and from various other sources: 1. Foot and hand prints These keepsake gifts are fun, easy, adorable, and will make an unforgettable funny history. will be repeated for the Little One. This gift invites parents to make imprints of the baby’s hands and feet in clay. This product comes with detailed instructions, clay, and a medium-sized photo frame with space for two sweet photos and the finished print. Once your little one’s hand and foot prints are printed on the clay, the clay will dry in 10 to 15 minutes, this is a gift that will last forever. Banner Women Pontianak Married Bule/ Photo: haibunda.com/Wishfa Hafshah 2. Baby blanket This baby blanket for your little one is a practical choice and is definitely needed and liked by Mothers. This baby blanket is also now sold with various motifs and varied folding shapes. If you hope that the blanket can be used for a long time, you can buy a blanket that is wide and still soft, which not only functions as a carrying blanket for your little one. 3. Baby boy clothes Remember that clothes are a daily necessity that your little one will definitely use in their daily life. So this gift is the most common gift for your little one. Mothers can choose clothes with motifs that are suitable for boys and as much as possible avoid pink for a baby boy gift, Mother. 4. A set of baby toiletries This set can contain shampoo, soap, baby perfume, and baby towels. Mothers can also add baby powder, baby oil, and telon oil as a complement. For more interesting baby boy gift inspiration, let’s look at the continuation on the next page. Also check out the video about gift ideas for babies for under Rp. 200,000 below.
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