Illustration of iPhone 4. (Pixabay/ulf40) – Not a few stories of selling kidneys for the sake of the iPhone have become the spotlight of netizens. Like this young Chinese named Wang Shangkun. In 2011, Wang Shangkun was desperate to sell one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone. The products made by the Apple company that made the 17-year-old man desperate were the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. At that time, Shangkun sold one of his kidneys for Rp. 48 million on a popular buying and selling site in China. After 10 years have passed, aka in 2021, the young man has had bad luck. Reporting from Techpp, Wang Shangkun now has to accept his fate. One kidney is not functioning properly. Now he has to be bedridden and on dialysis for the rest of his life due to kidney failure. Chinese teenager, Wang Shangkun who is now only lying in bed after selling his kidney. (Photo: iDropNews)The doctor said that Shangkun’s kidney failure was also due to a non-standard operation. Naturally, Shangkun sold his kidney illegally just because he wanted to obey his prestige. Apart from his broken body, there was nothing else good that Wang Shangkun had. Even the iPhones and iPads that he used to buy are now worthless. iPhone 4 is now included in the category of old HP. The device doesn’t even support WhatsApp anymore. While the iPad 2 now has a second price of around Rp. 1 million only. Very disproportionate to the risk of selling a kidney that Wang Shangkun had done. In 2021, the latest cellphone made by the Apple company is the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 series is priced between Rp. 12 to Rp. 20 million. However, there is no necessity for people to buy it, right? So, doing things beyond reason just to comply with prestige is not the best option that can be done. Especially at this time, there are many Android phones that are priced cheaper but have good performance. That’s the story of Wang Shangkun, a young man from China who was desperate to sell a kidney for an iPhone until he had an unexpected fate. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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