Jakarta – It is the main instinct of parents when giving a name is a form of prayer for their child. By giving a good baby name, parents hope that the little one will grow into a person who is in accordance with the role model given. In addition, the name is also related to religion. If Mom and Dad are Christians and need a Christian baby boy name, usually they will take one of the words/characters/city for the name of the Little One from the Bible as a reference. This is because in the Bible there are many characters with good and beautiful names and meanings. Christian Baby Boy Names From many parents want a unique and different name for their child, still containing the best prayers and blessings. Names for baby boys themselves have many meanings and meanings contained in them, so giving a baby name needs a lot of consideration, right, Bun. Christian baby/ Photo: iStock The many choices of good baby names make you confused in choosing them. Here are recommendations for Christian baby boy names from A – Z. Christian baby boy names from the letter A and their meanings: Ammiel : God’s chosen name Aaron : Great, noble, steadfast Abiram : Father from the heights Adyarta : Crown Ammas : Courage Andrew : A strong man Aquila : Eagle Andre : Courageous Ambrosius : Immortality Amos : Courageous Adley : Just Alfred : Wise adviser Antonio : Useful Arron : Light Asher : Happy, blessed Asriel : God’s help Azel : Kindness Azarya : God help Adar : Nobility of Adiv : Pleasant Aharon : Great noble Aitan : Strong Aksel : Father of peace Alexander : Protector of mankind Alrez : Smiling Amiran : Great, noble, and majestic person Arlando : Fame The name of a baby boy from the letter B and its meaning : Basil : King Bernard : Strong Bonaventure : Not easy to give up Bryan : Sharp as a sword Benedict : Blessed Barak : Lightning Baruch : Blessed Benjamin : Son of God, born in righteous hands Benito : Blessed ti Binah : Wisdom Boaz : In the power of Betzalel : Imagine God Brion : Strong and honorable Barnabas : Comfort Britt : Helper Bagas : Strong Balin : Dear warrior Bastian : The one to be glorified Buana : The universe Baylor : Reminder Brandon : Sword Baby boy name – male from the letter C – G and its meaning : Chakra : Arrow Candra : Moon Carel : Strong Cavan : Handsome Carlos : Strong Cristian : Belongs to Christ Carolus : Warrior, knight Christopher : A strong man Dean : The leader Daniel : God’s Chosen Dominic : Belongs God Dionysius : Healthy and creative man David : My dearest Dom : Son of God Eden : Pleasing Eric : Ruler of Peace Ethan : Strong Ervan : God’s grace Ezra : Helping, court Fritz : Calm King Fidel : Faithful Ferdinand : Wise and peacemaker Felix : God is my helper Fortunatus : Lucky Gabriel : God’s knight Gary : A spear Galen : Peace, serenity Grant : Great, big For Mother, prospective parents who are in need feel free to choose a Christian baby boy name. The baby boy names mentioned above can be used as references. In addition, there are other popular and modern Christian baby boy names. Illustration of Christian baby boy names/ Photo: iStock Baby boy names from the letters H – N and their meanings : Haman : Majesty Haris : Protector Hardy : Strong, brave Hector : Tough Hur : Freedom Hiram : Loyalty, majestic noble Honi : Good Ian : God’s splendor Ivan : God’s splendor Ivander : The best man Evans : Young warrior Jason : Healing Janko : Blessed Janez : Blessed by God Jimmy : Quick to understand Jonathan : God’s grace Jonas : Pigeon Jordan : Humble Jova : Agung Kaden : A brave warrior tough Kevin : Loved, handsome, kind Kurt : Wise advisor Kenny : Handsome Kenzie : Wise Leonathan : Lion of God’s grace Liam : Protector of Leonardus : Brave Lucas : Luminous, white, smart Ludo : Glowing, warrior Luke : Smart, glowing Marcus : Friendly , shining Marcelino : A tough fighter Maximus : The best Nathan : Generous Noam : Pleasant Baby boy name from the letters O – Z and its meaning : Owen : God’s help Omeet : Bright light Ovid : Via work Ozzie : A strong man Paul : Small Phineas : Protection Peter : A solid rock Rama : The great king Reggie : Wise Ricky : Ruler of peace Roby : Gold Rocky : Strong as a rock Roxy : The sun rises Shaunn : God’s grace Sebastian : Honored Solomon : Bearer peaceful, perfect Thaddaeus : Who praises Timothy : Praised by God Titus : Pleasing Uzziah : Strength from God Valentine : Strong Vector : Hero Vincent : Conqueror Venanim : William’s confidant : Protector of Willy : Strong minded Walt : Leader Wyatt : Has courage Xavier : Glowing Jethro : Abundance Yosi : He will enlarge Jonathan : Given by God Yosef : God will grant Zevulun : Place of Peace Zakaria : What God will remember Zacchaeus : Clean, pure Zionathan : Man is generous God’s gift Zane : Gift from God Zohar : Glistening Choose Names for little ones are not easy. For that, there is a reference that you can use as a reference for Christian baby boy names which of course already have the meaning of the best Christian baby boy names full of prayers from parents. (PK) Also check out the following video about baby boy names, right, Bun. (ziz/ziz) .

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