Application illustration. (Pixabay) – Here are three applications that you can try to earn money, the amount is pretty good, you know. Take advantage of these three money making apps. Making money or increasing income can be done in various ways. In fact, money can come when you are having fun. Do not believe? YouTube and TikTok are proof of that. When the video you upload is seen by many people, then you will get millions of rupiah from there. People who make money as YouTube are sometimes required to structure content ideas and how to execute them. But for TikTok users, they can even make money just from pretty dances. Besides TikTok, it turns out that there are several other applications that can also give you money. Here are three money-making applications that are currently popular, complete with the method: MPL Fantasy MPL Fantasy. (Mobile Premier League) For those of you who like football, maybe you can try this one application. MPL Fantasy or Mobile Premier League is a game application that can give you money, you know. However, you have to complete several games to get a certain amount of diamonds. How: Download and Install the MPL Application. Register the MPL Application. Choose MPL Games. Play MPL Games. Pursue the Highest Rank. Exchange Diamonds to GoPay/Link Aja. Confirm GoPay Balance Withdrawal. Neo+ Bank Neo Commerce Neo+ (BankNeoCommerce via Twitter)Neo+ app can also give you free money. When you first register this application, users immediately get cashback of Rp. 20,000. Then, if you successfully invite friends to use the same application, the user is entitled to a cashback of up to IDR 100,000. But what you need to know, there are some oblique issues about this Neo+ application. One of them is that the money transferred to your account is considered a debt/loan. How: Open the Neo+ app on your smartphone. Go to the “Invite New Friends” page by tapping the “There’s IDR 8.8M Waiting for You” in the “Popular” menu. First, copy your referral code. Click “Invite Your Friends” to share the link to a number of contacts or WhatsApp group. If later in the message column there is already a Neo+ link, don’t send the message right away. CashZine CashZine. (Google Play Store)The money you get from this application will be transferred directly to the bank that you have registered. The way this application works is by reading some of the news that has been provided. News reading activities will be given points to be converted into money. In addition, you can also earn money by inviting friends to read articles/news in the application together. Those are three money-making apps that you can try. Great additional monthly income. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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