Convert PDF to Word. (SmallPDF) – This is an application to convert PDF to Word on a PC that you can use if you want to convert your PDF files into Word files. The document format that is often used for various purposes today is PDF or Portable Document Format which is a file format created for the purpose of exchanging digital documents. The PDF format is used to represent two-dimensional documents that include text, letters, images and two-dimensional vector graphics. The PDF format was chosen because it produces a neater appearance and does not change when opened using other devices. However, files in PDF format have the disadvantage that they cannot be edited easily, therefore if you want to edit your PDF file then you need to convert the PDF file into a Word document first to make it easier to edit. To simplify the conversion process from PDF to word files, you can use additional applications that must be installed on your PC. In the convert PDF to Word application on a PC, there are many features available and you can use it to make it easier for you to convert PDF to Word. Curious what are the applications to convert PDF to Word on PC? Well, here’s a PDF to Word converting application on a PC that you can try to use: 1. Adobe Acrobat Standard DC Adobe Acrobat. (Adobe)Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is an application to convert PDF to Word on PC developed by Adobe System. In addition, this free application can be used to print, view, sign PDF files and to interact with all other PDF content such as interacting with multimedia. With this app, you can convert documents and images into PDFs that you can take on your cell phone and other storage areas. Not only converting PDF to Word, the PDF format can also be converted into editable XLSX, PPTX, and RTF formats. 2. Nitro Office PDF Suite Nitro PDF. (GoNitro) A free PDF to Word converting application that you can find in the Microsoft Store is Nitro Office PDF Suite: PDF Editor & Reader, Annotate PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Create PDF, Convert PDF. As the name suggests, this application is very complete for modifying your PDF format. Developed by Nitro Office & DVD App, this PDF converter application is not only used on PCs, but can also be used on mobile phones. Nitro Office is one of the best alternative applications because apart from being free this application is also the same as Microsoft Office software. In this application, you can convert PDF files to various formats, not just Word, but even into image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, to TIFF though. 3. WPS PDF to Word Converter WPS PDF. (WPS)WPS PDF to Word Converter is an application to convert PDF to Word on PC which was newly developed by one of the favorite free office application packages, WPS Office. WPS PDF to Word Converter is very easy to use you just drag your PDF file to the main screen of the application and select the export format (DOC, DOCX, and RTF) then click the Start button. Since it is a desktop application, WPS PDF to Word Converter is noticeably faster than online applications, and can process files in batch mode (change multiple files at once). The free version of this application allows you to convert PDF files of up to five pages. 4. UniPDF Application to Convert Word to PDF – UniPDF. (UniPDF)UniPDF is a desktop application, which means it avoids the problem of slow upload and download speeds. However, the trial version of this convert PDF to Word application on PC can only convert three pages of PDF files, so if you want to convert more PDF files then you have to upgrade the application to the paid version or you can divide your PDF file first into several parts. using a tool like PDFsam, then recombining the resulting Word document. UniPDF maintains the overall appearance of the page, including images. That’s the application to convert PDF to Word on a PC that you can install so that the process of converting your documents becomes easier. Good luck! Contributor: Jeffry francisco .

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