Illustration of pdf files. (Pixabay) – Here are several options for converting Word to PDF applications that you can use to quickly generate PDF file formats from your word documents to make it easier for you to exchange documents digitally. Currently files in PDF format or Portable Document Format are more often used because files in PDF format cannot be easily edited so that file security is guaranteed. Therefore, for the manufacture of some important letters or documents, definitely use the PDF file format. But what if the important letters or documents that you have made are already using the Microsoft Word program? Don’t worry, you don’t have to bother remaking those important letters or documents, you can actually convert the Word document into a PDF document. To be able to convert Word documents into PDF documents you can use additional applications. Currently, there are many choices of applications that can convert from Word documents to PDF easily and quickly. Well, here are recommendations for converting Word to PDF applications that you can try: 1. PDF24 Creator Convert Word to PDF application – PDF24 Creator. (PDF24) This convert word to PDF application is an application that you can enjoy for free. PDF24 Creator can convert Word documents to PDF easily, to be able to convert word to PDF of course you have to download the application first and install it on your PC. This application also installs a virtual printer on the PC you are using so when you give a print command from a Word document, then you can select PDF24 as the current printer from the list of printers. When you click the Print button, a new dialog box will open where you can set the quality and so on. In addition, you can directly click the Save as PDF button to save your word file in PDF format in the storage location you want. You can also use the preview feature before saving the final PDF file. 2. 7-PDF MAKER 7-PDF MAKER. (7-PDF)7-PDF Maker is a Word to PDF converting application that you can use to convert Word files to PDF in bulk. Apart from that you can also use this application as a command line tool to convert multiple Word files into PDF files by creating a batch file of Word documents using the Command Prompt window. 7-PDF Maker also provides a User Interface that can convert Word documents to PDF but still in small quantities. And if you use the 7-PDF Maker User Interface feature then you can only convert one file at a time. 3. Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF. (Foxit) The next application to convert word to PDF is the Foxit Reader PDF application. This application is integrated with Microsoft Word so you can easily use it. To be able to use this application, you only need to download and first install the Foxit Reader application on your device. Then you can easily convert your word document into a PDF file by clicking the Create PDF option on the Foxit Reader PDF menu and wait until your word document is finished converting your document will automatically be saved in PDF format. 4. iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional iSkysoft PDF Editor. (iSkysoft) iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional is an offline Word to PDF converting application that supports Mac and Windows platforms. The process of saving Word files into PDF files with the best quality can be done easily. Apart from the DOC to PDF conversion process, this application also allows you to add notes when needed. In addition, if your document has images with text data content, this application is able to extract them thanks to the built-in OCR feature. For security purposes, the resulting PDF file can be encrypted with a password. And to make working with multiple Word files easier and less time-consuming you can use the batch conversion feature. Those are some options for converting Word to PDF applications that you can try to make it easier for you to convert your word documents into files in PDF format. You don’t need to be confused anymore, good luck! Contributor: Jeffry francisco .

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