Jakarta – Walt Disney Animation Studios is back with their newest creation. Mother and Little One can already watch Encanto, a magical animated film inspired by Colombian culture. Encanto, which can now be seen in cinemas throughout Indonesia, will invite the Little One to get acquainted with the Madrigal family. They live in hidden areas in mountainous areas. The Madrigals live in an unusual house, Mother. This magical house is able to move and help the members of the Madrigal family carry out their daily lives. Not only that, members of the Madrigal family are also very unique. They have special talents, from superpowers to the ability to heal. All members of the Madrigal family have been gifted with their respective powers since childhood, except for Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). Mirabel, who is so different from her family, is the main attraction in the Encanto film. Full of color and magic, here are five interesting things from the film Encanto: 1. Have similarities with the Indonesian family The Madrigal family in the film Encanto is a community that comes from a Colombian cultural background. Interestingly, the Madrigal family has similarities with families in Indonesia, you know. Their lives are closely related to Indonesian family life. Encanto presents a scene that will not feel foreign. The Madrigal family who live as a big family is very similar to the culture of Indonesians who are used to living side by side. The Madrigal family is headed by an Abuela (grandmother) named Alma. He has three children named Bruno who has a talent for fortune-telling, Julieta with a healing talent, and Pepa who has the ability to weather. Alma’s two daughters later had children with diverse talents. The Madrigal family, which consists of 12 family members, lives together in a large house. Everyday, they always spend time together. Encanto also presents a proposal scene, where the family of the man comes to visit the family of the prospective bride, as is usually done by families in Indonesia. Not only that, there are also scenes of eating together and working together when preparing for important events. In addition to the life of Madrigal’s extended family, which is very relatable to Indonesians, Encanto’s film also has a special feature in terms of animation. Read on the next page, Mother. Also watch the following video recommendations for Halloween-themed children’s shows:
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