Jakarta – Skin health and beauty is important for women. As a woman, you are faced with different skin problems than men, such as stretch marks and scars. These two problems can arise due to the phases of pregnancy and childbirth. But not only that, stretch marks can also appear due to genetic factors, obesity, and rapid growth in adolescence. “Stretch marks are not always experienced by pregnant women, but about 90 percent of pregnant women have stretch marks that arise due to skin pulling quickly,” said Dr. Arini Widodo, Sp.KK, an expert dermatologist at the launch of Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural, Thursday. (25/11/21). The pull of the skin due to an enlarged stomach causes the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin to break. In pregnant women, stretch marks usually appear at the age of 6-7 months and can be reddish, white, or tend to be black in color. Meanwhile, scars are not only obtained from caesarean sections after childbirth. Anyone can get scars from an accident. Scars in each person can also vary in severity. Often, scars also cause the skin to become uneven. “Some are inward, some are flat on the skin, and some are protruding. Then there are keloid scars, which stand out and tend to be bigger than the scar itself,” he explained. 10 Minutes Cooking Recipe Banner/ Photo: HaiBunda One of the important components that must be owned by your beauty care with these two problems is natural oil. What’s the difference with ordinary oil? Mother, here are 5 reasons why natural oil is useful for treating stretch marks and scars: 1. Natural function of oil Natural oil provides the natural function of oil on the body’s skin. As we age, the water and oil levels in the skin can decrease, damaging the skin barrier. There are three things that distinguish skin moisturizing products. Products with the type of humectant attract water into the skin. Meanwhile, emollient products are able to fill the gaps in skin cells with the water. Well, natural oil has occlusive properties that can prevent evaporation. Natural oils will lock the water and natural moisture of the skin so it doesn’t evaporate easily and cause dry skin. “Most of these occlusive moisturizers are in the form of oil. Natural oil can be taken from plants (plant oil) or animals (animal oil). However, we often use plant oil,” said Nurhayatini, Product Manager of Bio-Oil Indonesia. Natural oil has the privilege of having many beneficial components in it. Read on the next page, Mother. Also watch the video for signs that your skin doesn’t match your skincare products.
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