Jakarta – After the government loosened regulations for leaving the house, various tourist attractions and restaurants began to reopen with more capacity, Mother. One of the things that you miss the most is definitely a place to drink coffee, right? There are many places to drink coffee that you can find in every area. Now, drinking coffee has become a routine that cannot be abandoned. You can also drink coffee with friends and family, you know. The Sentul area, Bogor, is one of the areas that has many famous cafes for sipping coffee either in the morning or in the afternoon, Mother. Not only that, the costs incurred are also not too expensive and fit in the pocket. Each cafe certainly has a different menu with different prices too. Not only that, the design and interior of each cafe also has a different concept but is still Instagramable. Where to drink coffee in Sentul Mothers who live in the Sentul area still can’t find a comfortable coffee place but at an affordable price? Don’t worry, here’s Bubun to help give a recommendation for a fun coffee place for you. 1. Coffee Content(ner) Coffee Content(ner) is located on Jl. Siliwangi no.1, Taman Budaya, Sentul City, Mother, If you want to visit it, you can come during their operating hours, which is every Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm. Coffee Content(ner) itself has a very cool atmosphere because it is surrounded by big trees, Mother. Not only that, the place is also filled with lamps and glass windows so that the lighting is very good. For the menu itself, you can order various types of coffee, tea, waffles, and even rice boxes with very contemporary contents, you know. You also don’t need to spend too much money because the average menu costs under Rp. 50 thousand. To find out more, you can visit them on Instagram @coffee_contentner. 2. Popolo Coffee If you like a place to drink coffee with a minimalist and contemporary design, Popolo Coffee is the answer, Mother. If you want to visit it, you can come every Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. You can get the food and drinks served for under Rp. 50 thousand, here. In addition, Popolo also provides drinks with a large size of 500 ml. There are several types of drinks offered in large sizes, Mother. For example, baileys latte, sakura latte, strawberry latte. The price is also affordable, which is around Rp. 70 thousand to Rp. 80 thousand. For more details, you can visit Popolo’s Instagram account at @popolocoffee. Click read the next page to see recommendations for other coffee places, Mother. .

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