Jakarta – WhatsApp is the most popular short message application, Mother. Not surprisingly, this is because the application that is shaded by Meta has many features that benefit users. Initially, WhatsApp was only useful for chatting, now we can use it to support business. In addition, it turns out that WhatsApp also has features that many users don’t know about. Recently, HaiBunda discussed that a person’s location can also be tracked via WhatsApp in addition to using the share location feature. For example, when you want to track your husband’s whereabouts to reduce the risk of miscommunication. “This combines WA capabilities with other features. The name is HP has an IP, which can show geolocation information, and from there we can track the location of the cellphone,” said Fitraya as DetikInet Managing Editor in HaiBunda’s Instagram Live ‘Tutorial Tracking WhatsApp’, Wednesday (30 /6/2021). Previously, please note that in tracking WhatsApp this time, we can only get information about the position of the location in question. This is not a wiretapping that can steal personal data. How to track WhatsApp tutorial? Here are the steps: 1. Open Grabify (grabify.link), in your browser. Grabify is a kind of link shortening (like bit.ly), but has additional features, namely a tracker and can feed back links that have been shortened. 2. Enter the URL link to Grabify, then you will make a URL shortener. You can copy+paste news links (for example, HaiBunda article links) or your e-commerce shopping links to Grabify. As explained in the previous point, Grabify can shorten links. 3. After the link appears, don’t close Grabify. Then share the link to the WA concerned. “Later, when the URL link from Grabify is clicked by the husband, there is feedback from Grabify, Mother will get an IP address from the reader. In this Grabify will tell the position of the link that was sent.” You’ve come here, understand? If so, read the continuation on the following page. Mother, also see how to check WhatsApp messages that have been read even though the blue tick is turned off in the following video:
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