Jakarta – Many people like ornamental plants and put them in the house, Mother. Not only because of their unique shape, ornamental plants can also attract anyone who sees it, you know. Who would have thought that some plants have meaning according to feng shui, here. There are even parts of the house that you need to consider placing ornamental plants because they can bring good luck to homeowners. Placing ornamental plants in front of the house can be good feng shui, Mother. Not without reason, this is because the movement of energy that is too fast can endanger the health of its owner. Luck-carrying ornamental plants Launching from the fengshuied page, there are several ornamental plants that can play a positive role when placed at the entrance, here. If you are curious, here are the rows: 1. Lime Did you know that the lime tree is one of the lucky plants that is generally considered profitable when the fruit is ripe? This ornamental plant can increase the frequency of touch from a partner. Mother will have a happy heart every time she sees her at home. 2. Boston Fern Boston fern or Boston fern ornamental plants are also believed to bring good luck if placed in front of the house. Boston fern houseplants can prevent and hide most of the ugliness that will enter the home. Unfortunately, this houseplant has leaves that can take up significant space. So, consider in advance whether the room is large enough to place a Boston fern so that it doesn’t block the door. 3. Money Tree Do you know the type of ornamental plant called money tree? This plant is also believed to bring good luck to its owner. This plant can grow tall, which is then considered able to protect and change the negative energy that arrives at the main door. Money tree also symbolizes wealth and money, so it can fill positive energy with more luck when it enters the house. Click the next page for other ornamental plant information, Mother. Also check out the poisonous ornamental plants that must be kept out of reach of children, in the video below:
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