Jakarta – After COVID-19, China is now said to be facing a sex recession which is quite worrying. The term sex recession is used by CNBC International correspondents. In his writings, this incident illustrates the declining mood of couples to have sex, marry, and have children in the United States (US) in 2019. This also happened in China. In 2020, the birth rate in China experienced a very drastic decline. In a report on China’s official media, the Global Times yesterday, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics announced that the birth rate in 2020 was recorded at only 8.52 per thousand people. The government noted that the natural growth rate of the population accounted for 1.45 per thousand, the lowest in 43 years. Then through the Straits Times which launched Bloomberg, the direct reason for the decline in the birth rate in China is not known. But new figures confirm that population growth in the world’s number two economy is slowing dramatically. The number of newly married couples in China in the first three quarters has plunged 17.5 percent, Mother. In addition, the willingness of young people to marry in the city and in the countryside is decreasing. Last October, the Chinese Communist Youth League issued a publication. In it, it is noted that almost half or 50 percent of young women living in the country’s urban areas are reluctant to marry. There are several reasons for this reluctance to marry. Starting from not having time to the financial costs of marriage and the economic burden of having children. “Those surveyed said they didn’t have the time or energy to get married,” the report said. Not only that, a third of the respondents also said they did not believe in marriage. Even in the same percentage, the respondents also said they had never fallen in love. Of all these reasons, there is also one related to the culture of working 9-9-6. This culture is a work position where residents work 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week. This culture is most evident in digital companies such as Alibaba, Pinduoduo, and JD.com. This makes workers feel hindered in raising a family. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also know the three reasons why you have difficulty reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse in the following video:
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