Jakarta – Cravings during pregnancy are also experienced by Aurel Hermansyah, Mother. Recently, she and her husband, Atta Halilintar, told Nirina Zubir and Marianne Rumantir about this. On that occasion, Atta revealed how the nature of his wife’s cravings. According to him, Aurel had asked for unexpected things when he wanted something. “Sometimes he doesn’t talk about cravings, it’s like he says he really wants to,” he said, quoted from TS Media, Thursday (25/11/2021). On one occasion, Aurel even complained and asked to change the car. He said this because he felt uncomfortable if he had to sit for a long time on a trip. “‘It’s a shame if I ride this car, the car is really like this’, that’s it,” said Atta, imitating Aurel’s words. As a husband, Atta admits that he really wants to make Aurel always comfortable, Mother. Even for the sake of this request, he was willing to sell his favorite car. “I even sold my hobby car for the sake of making him comfortable.” “So the main thing is that when he says it’s a craving, but he also wants it. That’s what it really is,” continued Atta. In addition to the car, Atta also explained that his wife had confused him because he craved to buy a bag too often. “At least if you crave bags, bags, bags, bags, bags,” he said. Aurel then answered Atta’s statement, Mother. Aurel said that the intention to buy the bag was purely because the child he was carrying was a girl, not because of his will. “That’s because the child is a girl, so her mother wants the bag to continue. It’s an investment,” he said. Meanwhile, Aurel later admitted that she couldn’t tell the difference between cravings and what she really wanted. Especially in food, all he can eat. “I can’t tell what kind of cravings are. Because every day I feel like I want all the food,” said Aurel. Regarding eating alone, Aurel said that there was another unique moment that occurred early in her pregnancy. At that time, he suddenly wanted to eat pallubasa, a typical Makassar food. “Once, recently when I was pregnant, I really wanted pallubasa. Luckily, it was right for him (Atta) to go to Makassar, I would be really sad if he wasn’t there.” “It’s just when you (eat) arrive, you don’t eat a lot. Just eat (a little), and then it’s gone,” continued Aurel. See the continuation on the next page, yes, Mother. Mother, also check out Yulia Baltschun’s vent when she was pregnant with her first child in the following video, let’s go:
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