The new Mobile Legends logo. (Facebook/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – Have you guys recently had trouble pushing rank or playing together in Mobile Legends with friends? If so, there is indeed a problem regarding the inability to play with MLBB between Android and iOS users. Moonton is known to have just given the Patch 1.6.34 update to the Mobile Legends Original Server. The HiTekno team itself had tried to do a push-rank where the members were Android users and we didn’t have any problems. Classic and Rank modes can still be enjoyed well. However, when one of the additional members is an iOS user, we cannot push rank together. Moonton has given reasons regarding the cause of the problem via a message in the game mail. Apparently Patch 1.6.34 can’t be released on schedule to iOS users so it can’t be done between Android and iOS. So, the update has come to Android but the same Patch version hasn’t come to iOS yet so both users can’t play together. They have also postponed events related to the new hero Valentina until an update has been released for iOS. Problem with Patch 1.6.34 in Mobile Legends. (”Due to delays in the review process, Patch 1.6.34 cannot be released as scheduled for iOS players. We are in contact with the App Store to resolve this issue. Meanwhile, Android players may encounter an issue where they are unable to compete with iOS players, and unable to send/receive gifts from iOS players,” reads an in-game message written by Moonton. They also apologized for the trouble that was going on. Moonton also gave prizes in the form of Tickets, Small Emblem Packs, and Hero Trial Card Packs as compensation for the problem. “We will provide a compensation reward for the delay in releasing the patch after the update has been released for iOS. We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” Moonton added. If the same patch has been released to iOS, then Android and iOS users can increase or push rank in Mobile Legends together again. .

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