– Until last October 2021, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has released at least 3,515 illegal online loan or loan companies. With increasing growth, the OJK has gradually frozen the illegal lending practice which is becoming increasingly troubling. Now, there are only about 104 peer-to-peer lending fintech companies that are registered and licensed by the OJK and are allowed to operate legally. Generally, the victims of this illegal lender are minimal. knowledge of financing services plus is facing an urgent financial need. This is the cause that makes people trapped by promises of illegal borrowing. It’s a good idea to check and recheck first before determining who and through what application you will borrow. The Director of Information Technology of PT Mandala Multifinance Tbk., Felix Nugroho, provides a number of tips for the public to avoid losses caused by illegal loans.1. Check the legality of the lender Of the many players in this industry, it’s good to check first about the legality. Checking the credibility of lenders to OJK can be the first step. This security is one of the priorities ensured by companies that provide financing services through applications.2. Check interest rates and other fees: make sense or not People can also examine what interest rates are offered for the proposed loan, how much late fees and other fees are. If it seems too easy let alone oversimplify, then you need to be suspicious. Normally, a legal borrower would not be so rash in calculating the amount of interest, as if he wanted to lend for free because at least there were goods or letters that were guaranteed.3. Be selective about the services offered. At the final stage in choosing an online loan, the public must pay close attention to the services offered and the benefits and risks. Looking back at the needs and abilities so that they are more thorough and critical regarding costs, collateral, and tenors. In addition to the points above, Felix Nugroho also suggested that the public can be more selective by seeking information about the number of users of the loan application. You can get Mandala Finance services through the Mantis application, which is a trusted and safe multipurpose financing which is a digital innovation from Mandala. Finance. With Mandala’s role as a finance company with more than 24 years of experience in the financial services industry and spread throughout the archipelago, Mantis is designed to provide a solid foundation for solutions to the financial problems of the Indonesian people. .

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