Google Doodle commemorates Teacher’s Day 2021. (Google) – Commemorating Teacher’s Day 2021, Google has its own way of changing the appearance on the main page of its search engine. Google Doodle features a cute bee image. The Google Doodle shows a group of colorful bees with a smaller size facing a large width who is holding a book. The illustration depicts the larger bee as the teacher, while the others are the students. The bees fly over the colorful flowers. There is a green caterpillar doodle above one of the flowers that replaces the letter L in the word Google. The commemoration of Teacher’s Day itself is a form of respect and appreciation for the unsung heroes in Indonesia. The teacher’s struggle itself began in the days of the Dutch East Indies. Unlike heroes who wield weapons, the teachers formed the Dutch East Indies Teachers Association (PGHB) in 1912 as an attempt to free the Indonesian people from the shackles of colonialism. Google Doodle commemorates Teacher’s Day 2021. (Google) In 1932, PGHB changed its name to the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGI). This name change surprised the Dutch because the use of the word “Indonesia” in the PGI was considered to reflect the spirit of nationalism. Unfortunately, when Japan entered Indonesia, all forms of organization were banned, including PGI, and schools were closed. After being stopped for a while due to Japanese occupation and independent Indonesia, PGI finally held its first congress on 24-25 November 1946 in Surakarta, Central Java. One of the results of the congress is to abolish teacher organizations or groups that are still based on differences in class, graduate, regional environment, and even race. Until finally November 25 was agreed as the date for the founding of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI). As a form of respect for teachers, the government also designated it as National Teacher’s Day in Presidential Decree No. 78 of 1994. This Google doodle only appears on the first page of Indonesian searches. As is known, users can click on the doodle icon and will get articles related to Teacher’s Day 2021. That’s how Google doodle commemorates Teacher’s Day 2021 by displaying a cute bee image. ( Lintang Siltya Utami). .

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