Jakarta – Not all love confessions end sweetly. There is also a bitter end because it was rejected. However, this man never gave up on expressing his love for a woman. An incident of rejection of love occurred in Anhui, China, recently. Reported by World of Buzz, the incident was immortalized in a photo that is now viral on social media, Mother. In the photo, the man is seen professing his love for a woman with long hair. He came with a bouquet of pink flowers. However, the public action turned into a heartbreaking event. The woman who was ‘shot’ by the man resisted in an extraordinary way. He suddenly knelt down and prostrated, Mother. According to an ET Today report, the woman looked very frustrated and pleaded with the man. He also threw flowers that were given to him. The incident made people around them confused, Mother. As it turned out, a witness who was there reported that the man had been chasing the woman for years. He is known to have been trying to express his feelings to the woman since five years ago. Even so, his confession was not well received by the woman he liked. The woman has rejected him many times, Mother. However, the man never gave up and always tried to ‘shoot’ him again. According to a Yahoo Taiwan News report, witnesses to the viral incident heard that the woman begged the man to just give up. He also asked to be released, Mother. “Please let me go!” said the woman. Until now, it is not known how their fate will continue. This incident invited comments from netizens. Many netizens commented on the actions of the man who did not give up. Some say that the man should respect the woman’s decision. But others say that the woman should give the man a little chance. When they like women, some men don’t give up easily to get the heart of the woman of their dreams. But there are also you know, whose struggle bears sweet fruit. Like the story of the West Sumatran man who chased this French Caucasian. Read on the next page, Mother. Also watch the video footage of the love story of a Jambi man and a Caucasian wife who was blocked by blessing:
[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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