Jakarta – Every November 25 is celebrated as the Day of Anti-Violence Against Women, Mother. This celebration was made with the aim of reminding awareness of the fact that there are many women who are victims of violence such as rape, domestic violence, and so on. Long before the anti-violence movement against women became global, Indonesia had already promoted this campaign, Mother. This was also stated directly by the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati. “Long before this campaign was initiated in 1991, Indonesia had much earlier expressed a commitment to protect all its people through the state constitution, namely the 1945 Constitution,” he said at the PPPA Ministerial Press Conference: Anti-Violence Against Women Day, Thursday (25/11/ 2021). Not only that, the Minister of PPPA also revealed the fact that the condition of violence against women in Indonesia is already very alarming. This can be seen from the survey results and the annual records of Komnas Perempuan. It was also explained that the phenomenon of violence against women has been likened to an iceberg, Mother. In fact, the number of victims or survivors of violence against women is higher than has been reported. There are many things that affect the occurrence of this iceberg phenomenon. For example, there is a relationship or higher power possessed by the perpetrator of violence so that the victim is afraid to report it. “We need to know together that the phenomenon of violence against women is like an iceberg. Where the actual number could be even greater. As an illustration, regarding the inequality of power relations, survivors can feel very afraid to report the violence they have experienced,” he explained. Seeing the number of survivors of violence against women and children in Indonesia, the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection provides services that can be used to report acts of violence that occur to the mother or child. Click read the next page to see the full news, Mother. Mother, also watch the video, don’t consider sexual harassment as normal, the following:
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