Jakarta – Halfway through pregnancy to birth, around the second and third trimesters, your body produces more red blood cells to supply the needs of the mother and fetus. Therefore Mother needs blood-boosting food at this time. Each red blood cell is produced with iron as its main ingredient. Iron itself cannot be produced directly by the body, and must be absorbed from the food you consume. That’s why blood-boosting foods are needed. Pregnant women prone to anemia Although iron can be found in many blood-boosting foods, the content is difficult for the body to absorb. It is difficult for you to get enough iron to meet your needs during pregnancy. Thus, pregnant women are prone to anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is very common in pregnant women, but it’s actually easy to treat. Your body also needs a nutrient called folate to produce healthy blood cells. Folate is easily absorbed and is found in most leafy greens. One of the causes of anemia is poor intake of foods rich in iron and folate. In addition, there is also an increase in the destruction of red blood cells which can sometimes occur during illness. Kpop Diet Trend Banner/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Iron intake for pregnant women Given that anemia during pregnancy can pose a risk to the fetus and the mother herself, it is necessary to consume blood-boosting foods more regularly to avoid unwanted things. Don’t worry, because blood-boosting foods can not only be obtained from animal protein. For mothers who are vegetarian, there are also several types of vegetables that can be consumed as a source of iron. But keep in mind to avoid eating raw meat and fish, Mother. Uncooked meat and fish can increase the risk of very dangerous bacterial infections during pregnancy. On the following page, you can get information about several types of blood-boosting foods that provide iron and vitamins and other nutrients, and are safe for consumption during pregnancy. Click on the next page, Mom. Also check out the video about 5 blood-boosting juices for pregnant women below.
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