Hipee Smart Health Neckband. (Xiaomi YouPin) Hitekno.com – Entering Xiaomi’s ecosystem, the company released a neckband equipped with AI or artificial intelligence. Carrying a commercial name as the HiPee Smart Health Neckband, the device can help improve posture. The pandemic period makes people tend to interact more often with gadgets. WFH and the learning system from home also make people look down for too long in front of a laptop screen. This condition often causes a person to suffer from pain in the neck or shoulders. Xiaomi Youpin has now launched a new product through the company’s proprietary crowdfunding system. HiPee Smart Health Neckband will join the Xiaomi ecosystem by presenting various innovative features. This smart neckband can monitor and correct posture in real time for 24 hours. The company claims that their device can eliminate back and neck pain problems. The device has an AI algorithm specially designed by the company. Hipee Smart Health Neckband. (Xiaomi YouPin) Launched from Gizmochina, the HiPee Smart Health Neckband can detect changes in posture at the front, back, left, and right 360 degrees. The neckband will send notifications or alerts when someone bends down too long while playing a smartphone or staring at a laptop. The company embeds somatosensory games so users can exercise while playing. Through a motion sensor that is claimed to be high-precision, the HiPee Smart Health Neckband is able to detect spinal movement. Hipee Smart Health Neckband. (Xiaomi YouPin)Neckband can recognize body movements, monitor the direction of bending to the angle of spine tilt. The device can connect with WeChat via Bluetooth. Users will be provided with statistics regarding data regarding whether their body ratio is normal or not, spinal pressure data, and even special warnings if their posture is wrong. The price of the Hipee Smart Health Neckband which is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem is priced at 299 yuan or IDR 700 thousand. During the crowdfunding, the device can be purchased for 199 yuan. The Smart Neckband from Xiaomi is sold in limited quantities in China. It is still unknown regarding global availability, including to Indonesia. .

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