Jakarta – The case faced by Nirina Zubir’s family is not over yet, Mother. After the family’s assets were embezzled by former household members, now the perpetrators have actually counterattacked. Not long ago, the suspect’s attorney, namely Syakhruddin, was known to have visited the West Jakarta Police. The visit was scheduled to include Riri’s report on the case of confinement allegedly carried out by Nirina’s older brother, Fadhlan. “To the Resort Police today in order to seek information related to the delegation of our report from the Polda to the West Jakarta Police. The report was made by our client, Riri Khasmita. What was reported was Fadhlan,” said Syahruddin, quoted from detikcom on Wednesday (11/24/2021). ). “Earlier I coordinated with the investigators. Then at the Resort Police that tomorrow my client should have been asked for further information. But now I have to coordinate with the Polda because our client is in the custody of the Police,” Not only that, Riri’s other attorney, Putra Kurniadi, also raised his voice. On that occasion, he explained how the description of the action experienced by his client. “Regarding confinement, yes. During this year, our client was not allowed to leave the house. So only one was allowed. Husband or wife. Meanwhile, our client was billed for payment by a certificate that was told by Nirina Zubir’s brother,” said Putra. Kurniadi. Putra Kurniadi said that so far Riri and her family did not have full freedom. If one has to leave, only one of them is allowed. This even applies when someone is sick. “So on that basis our client reports. Our client’s freedom is blocked. So in front of it there is a 24-hour security guard so it is not allowed to go out, the fence is locked. Even sick people are not allowed.” “Even if they want to go out, it will be exchanged with their children. So on that basis we report it, because the freedom of the family has been taken away,” he continued. Furthermore, Riri’s attorney also added that the detention action had been going on for one year since October 2020. “I have reported it to the police. Indeed, it is permissible for someone to detain other people other than the police,” said Syahruddin. Regarding this report, Nirina Zubir’s side could not be questioned, Mother. In addition, Nirina Zubir is currently also known to be focusing on her husband who is undergoing treatment at the hospital. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also see what Nirina wrote to her late mother for the promise to fight for the fraud case committed by ART in the following video:
[Gambas:Video Haibunda]
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