Hitekno.com – Truecaller recorded a new achievement, namely by getting more than 300 million active users globally. Making it the largest spam detection and caller ID service in the world to date. The services offered themselves are to verify the identity of the owner of the phone number and block unwanted calls, to spam detection and caller ID. “We built Truecaller small, but always accompanied by big ambitions. To reach more than 300 million active users worldwide is a new milestone for all those who have taken part in making Truecaller the big platform it is today. over the past decade, we have worked hard to build Truecaller as a vital service to so many people. I am grateful for the trust millions of users place in our platform. We have a clear strategy to continue to grow the company through product development that enhances the experience users and ultimately be able to invite more users in the future”, said Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Truecaller. Launched over 11 years ago, the Truecaller app is available worldwide and can support multiple languages. For one year (November 2020 to date), Truecaller recorded a growth of 107.6% active users in Indonesia, while in Southeast Asia there was a growth of 62% of new active users in the same period. This new achievement proves consumer trust and confidence in the Truecaller platform, especially from users in Indonesia, which is now Truecaller’s priority market. As one of the countries with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the countries that receive the most spam in the world according to the Global Spam Report from Truecaller. The Truecaller report also shows that the average user in Indonesia is at risk of getting more than 18 spam calls per month. One of Truecaller’s main missions is to help Indonesians feel safe, comfortable, and secure when communicating, and to avoid spam and telephone fraud. Truecaller Application.(Truecaller)Another important reason for companies to prioritize Indonesia as a market focus in the region, is its population which is dominated by young, tech-savvy individuals. This group more often uses various digital services on their smartphones and needs to be protected consistently. As part of the company’s commitment to helping protect users from the threat of spam and phone fraud, Truecaller launched the #KnowYourCaller campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of consumers in Indonesia against telephone/online fraud, as well as help them to use trusted platforms such as Truecaller which supports more secure and efficient daily communication. Packed in three interesting videos themed “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” and starring top actors and actresses Yayan Ruhian, Dinda Kanya, and Billy Boedjanger, the videos have been watched more than 600 thousand times on TikTok. In Q3 2021, Truecaller posted a 129% revenue increase in its first earnings report as a public company. The company completed its initial public offering (IPO) at Nasdaq Stockholm on October 8, 2021. Truecaller will continue to enhance its offering with new features that can enhance the user experience. Today, Truecaller has grown into a large communications platform that offers high quality VoIP calling services, instant messaging, group chat, SMS categorization, SMS spam blocking, and so on. Truecaller Enterprise Solutions, a business phone number identity verification service that regularly communicates with its customers, is a trusted service that helps users and business owners communicate more securely. Truecaller is listed as Editor’s Choice App on Google Play Store and in the top 10 list of Free Communication Apps on Google App for Indonesia region. In addition, AppAnnie ranks Truecaller as the most popular communication app in India, and the top three in Egypt and Israel. The app is among the top 10 apps in 20 other countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, India and South Africa. .

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