WhatsApp illustration. (unsplash/Antoine Julien) Hitekno.com – The Hitekno.com team found a WhatsApp trick that is arguably important, not so important, but if you say it’s not important, maybe this can help you. The WhatsApp trick is related to the notes you usually spam. Have you ever written a sample message before it was sent to a lecturer or boss? Usually, this is done when someone is afraid of a typo when it comes to messaging with important or older people. Or are you also one of those people who often save some important links on WhatsApp? how do you often use to save sample messages or send the link? The usual way is to send a link or sample message to a friend or relative. Not only that, sometimes you also save important things by sending them to numbers that have blocked you. However, it is very risky. Especially if what you send is important information. WhatsApp illustration. (Pixabay) To overcome this, you can use your own WhatsApp number to send important links or messages before sending. It’s also easy. First of all you just need to write Wa.me/62xxxxx (your cellphone number). Just wait until it turns blue. After that, click the link, it will automatically connect to your WhatsApp. Yup, it’s as if you’re sending a message to your own number. Now, you can send anything or save anything to your own number. This method is safer than you have to send it first to a friend’s WhatsApp number or to the WhatsApp number of the person who has blocked you. Because when they unblock, then some links may be read. That’s an important but not important trick about WhatsApp from the Hitekno.com team. Hopefully this WhatsApp trick is useful, yes. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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