Illustration of Indosat Ooredoo. (Indosat Ooredoo) – The following is a price list for the November 2021 Indosat data package that you should know before deciding to buy an internet data package that suits your needs. Indosat is one of the telecommunications service providers and telecommunications network providers in Indonesia which is well-known for having Internet Data Package rates that are cheaper than some other providers. Indosat offers many choices of internet data packages to suit your needs. With a cheap data package price, you can enjoy streaming music and movies without buffering, video calls without delay, play online games without lag, unlimited social media updates, browse information for work, or do business online smoothly. It’s not surprising, right, that Indosat is a trusted provider with the experience of having the best product quality? So that you don’t get confused when choosing an internet data package that fits your budget. The following is a list of prices for Indosat November 2021 data packages that you can choose from: IDCamp Snapchat AR Creator program. (Indosat Ooredo)1. Freedom Daily Quota Enjoy easy daily internet from home at low prices. Let’s start the fun with the new Freedom Kuota Harian internet package which offers more options to choose from without wasting your quota. Freedom Daily Quota 1GB / Day (28GB) Validity period 28 Days price IDR 74,900 Daily Quota Freedom 1GB / Day (14GB) Validity period 14 Days price IDR 39,900 Daily Quota Freedom 1GB / Day (7GB) Validity period 7 Days price IDR 19,900Super Extra 1GB Validity period 1 day price IDR 2,0002. Freedom Internet Free Internet 24 Hours with Freedom Internet from IM3 Ooredoo! Streaming, gaming, browsing are more fun with Freedom Internet, a simple internet package without terms and conditions! With 100% main quota, you can surf freely from anywhere and anytime 24 hours non-stop! No need to be afraid about credit, because Freedom Internet has a Pulse Safe feature. Freedom Internet 2GB / 1 Day price Rp. 6,900Freedom Internet 5GB / 3 days price Rp. 13,900Freedom Internet 2.5GB / 5 days price Rp. 9900Freedom Internet 7GB / 5 days price Rp. 19,900Freedom Internet 1.5GB / 5 days price Rp. 8,900Freedom Internet 4GB / 5 days price IDR 14,900 Internet freedom 6GB / 30 days price IDR 15,000 Internet freedom 10GB / 30 days price IDR 25,000 Internet freedom 26GB / 30 days price IDR 50,000 Internet 50GB freedom / 30 days price IDR 75,000 Internet freedom 84GB / 30 days price IDR 100,000Freedom Internet Longlife 42GB / 60 days price IDR 130,000Freedom Internet Longlife 26GB / 60 days price IDR 90,000Freedom Internet Longlife 10GB / 60 days price IDR 47,500Freedom Internet Longlife 63GB / 90 days price IDR 180,000Freedom Internet Longlife 39GB / 90 days price IDR 125,000Freedom Internet Longlife 15GB / 90 days price Rp 67,5003. Freedom Combo Quota up to 60GB + Call to all operators. With a large quota of up to 60GB and free calls to all operators will make communication with your friends, friends and relatives smooth anywhere, anytime! Freedom Combo 60GB & Call / 30 Days (Main quota 25 GB, Call 60 minutes, Local quota 25 GB, Night quota 10 GB) price IDR 150.000Freedom Combo 40GB & Tel / 30 Days (Main quota 16 GB, Call 60 minutes, Quota 16 GB local, 8 GB night quota) price Rp 100,000Freedom Combo 30GB & Tel / 30 Days (11 GB main quota, 40 minutes telephone, 11 GB local quota, 8 GB night quota) price Rp 70,000 Freedom Combo 20GB & Tel / 30 Day (Main quota 7.5 GB, Call 30 minutes, Local quota 7.5 GB, Night quota 5 GB) price IDR 50,000Freedom Combo 10GB & Tel / 30 Days (Main quota 4 GB, Call 20 minutes, Local quota 4 GB, Quota night 2 GB ) price IDR 35,000Freedom Combo 6GB & Phone / 30 Days (2GB main quota, 5 minutes call, 2GB local quota, 2GB night quota) price IDR 25,000Freedom Combo 60GB & Phone / 90 Days (main quota 25 GB, Call 60 minutes, local quota 25 GB, night quota 10 GB) the price is IDR 200,0004. Freedom Apps Now your days are more complete with Freedom Apps. You can enjoy all access to your favorite applications, from streaming applications, gaming, online learning, to virtual meeting applications according to your needs in just one package. a. Freedom Apps FUN More fun because it’s more complete! You can access your favorite everyday applications that you often use such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Gojek, PUBG, and many more. Freedom Apps FUN 10GB / 30 Days price IDR 39,800Freedom Apps FUN 6GB /15 Days price IDR 24,800Freedom Apps FUN 2GB/7 Days price IDR 11,800b. Freedom Apps EDU Be more productive every day because you can access complete online learning applications and virtual meetings according to your needs such as Teacher Room, Quippers, Zenius, Cakap, Learning House, Your School, Let’s Learn, Duolingo, Ministry of Education and Culture, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom , Microsoft Teams, and Webex. Freedom Apps EDU 30GB / 30 Days price IDR 24,800Freedom Apps EDU 10GB / 15 Days price IDR 14,800Freedom Apps EDU 6GB / 7 Days price IDR 9,800Freedom Apps EDU 2GB / 2 Days price IDR 3,8005. Extra Booster Choose a package that is suitable for your extra quota which is valid for Postpaid subscribers in certain packages such as Freedom Postpaid, Freedom Postpaid Plus and Matrix Max. Extra 5GB+1GB Booster (1GB main quota, 1GB speed booster, 4GB night quota) price IDR 10,000Extra 10GB+3GB Booster (3GB main quota, 3GB speed booster, 7GB night quota) price IDR 25,000Extra 15GB +5GB Booster (5GB main quota, 5GB speed booster, 10GB night quota) priced at IDR 40,0006. FREEDOM U! Now you can be more satisfied with accessing applications using Freedom U because there are new additional applications such as Netflix, Snapchat, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Classroom. Plus 24 hours can access more applications with other favorite applications such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Spotify, Joox, WhatsApp and Line. Freedom U 500MB + 1GB Apps / 2 Days price IDR 5,000Freedom U 1GB + 2GB Apps / 7 Days price IDR 15,000Freedom U 1GB + 4.5GB Apps / 30 Days price IDR 25,000Freedom U 2GB + 7.5GB Apps / 30 Days price IDR 40,000 Freedom U 3GB + 15GB Apps / 30 Days price IDR 60,000Freedom U 7GB + 20GB Apps / 30 Days price IDR 80,000Freedom U 10GB + 25GB Apps / 30 Days price IDR 100,000Freedom U JUMBO / 30 Days price IDR 150,0007. Yellow Internet is fast at affordable prices and your credit remains safe. Keep your internet safe with the new Pulsa Safe, so you don’t have to worry about empty credit suddenly when the quota runs out. Yellow 700 MB / 1 Day price Rp 2,500 Yellow 1 GB / 1 Day price Rp 3,500 Yellow 1 GB / 3 Days price Rp 5,000 Yellow 2 GB / 3 Days Main quota 1 GB Extra night quota 1 GB price Rp 5,500 Yellow 1 GB / 7 Price day Rp 10,000Yellow 5 GB / 7 Days Main quota 1 GB Extra 4 GB night quota for Rp 12,000 That’s the November 2021 Indosat data package price list that you can buy via * 123 #, the myIM3 application, or the nearest outlet. Don’t forget to top up your data package so that it’s always connected to the internet! Contributor: Jeffry francisco .

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