Jakarta – Musician Indra Lesmana has just revealed the news of his wife who turned out to be suffering from COVID-19, Mother. He told me that his wife’s struggle to recover was quite long, Mother. Because his wife, Hon Lesmana, is a person with COVID-19 with autoimmune comorbidities. Indra Lesmana is grateful for how his wife struggled for two weeks and recovered from COVID-19. Eva Celia’s father then told about the initial symptoms and had to go to the hospital. “@honlesmana was exposed to the Covid-19 virus and symptoms began to appear on November 4. On the 7th we decided to do PCR and the next day the 8th morning the PCR results showed positive with CT 13,” he said, quoted from his Instagram account @indralesmana. That morning Indra and his wife rushed to Emergency Covid at a hospital, on Sunset Boulevard, Kuta. After being examined, Hon is considered to have mild symptoms so he is given medicine and can be outpatient by self-isolation, Mother. After that, Indra told them, they left thinking that they didn’t want Hon to self-isolate at home. After trying to contact Indra’s friends in Bali, he suggested Isoter (Centralized Isolation). “But for Isoter, of course, blood results and CxR data are needed, which turned out after being checked, Hon was in the category of being exposed to COVID-19 with moderate/severe symptoms plus having autoimmune comorbidities and had to be hospitalized right away,” said Indra Lesmana. Indra revealed that it was getting late at that time and they were quite tired so finally that night they decided to have dinner, take antiviral drugs and other drugs, and spend the night at Villa Isoter. Meanwhile, Indra returned home and isolated himself by not meeting the children first. Indra and Hon before going to bed set an alarm every 3 hours to be able to wake up and check saturation via an oxymeter, because that night Hon had a high fever. “On November 9, in the morning I immediately drove to pick up Hon at Villa Isoter which is about 20 minutes from my house, then during the trip I contacted doctor friends I know in Bali. We were finally directed to have Hon treated at Surya Husadha Hospital,” he said. . After Hon entered the isolation ward, they separated and Indra returned home by self-isolation and strict procedures while keeping his distance from the children. “3 days later we did PCR and Alhamdulillah we were all negative at home,” he said. However, in the midst of his treatment, Hon Lesmana’s condition worsened. Read more on the following page.

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