Jakarta – It is normal for brothers and sisters to fight often. Even so, they still love each other and have a strong bond. Like the story of the following viral brothers and sisters. A pair of brothers from Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi, touched their hearts through their very touching story. The two of them took turns wearing a pair of shoes in order to go to school, Mother. They are Nadia Blink (11) and her sister, Rizky Blink (9). They both studied at Wameo State Elementary School 3, Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi. Nadia and Rizky come from a poor family, Mother. Even only one of them has shoes. Therefore, they have to take turns wearing them in order to enter the school area. The mother, Mardiana, admitted that she did not have enough money to buy her two children shoes for school. He admitted that he was surprised when he found out that his two children went viral in a TikTok upload. “I’m sorry, actually I didn’t know that the video was viral. Honestly, I was embarrassed because I couldn’t give anything to my child because that day I didn’t have enough money to buy shoes,” said Mardiana, Nadia’s mother and Rizky. Mardiana admitted that she did not know who had recorded her children at school. In the video, Nadia and Rizy are seen taking turns wearing shoes like in the film Children of Heaven. Their mother did not know that the video had gone viral until she was told by a coworker. Mardiana even had to hitch a ride on WiFi to see the video. “I was about to go to work and I was contacted by my coworker, he told me to open FB, then I got on the Wifi and I saw the video of my two children,” he said. Seeing the video of her two children going viral, Mardiana had tears in her eyes, Mother. He felt ashamed that he could not give shoes to his two children. Mardiana was forced to give shoes to Nadia first. Meanwhile, Rizky was asked to be patient because money was limited. Mardiana currently only works as a sales person in a company in Baubau City. He admitted that he did not have a steady income from the job. Even though they have not been able to buy shoes for their two children, Nadia and Rizky are not discouraged. They remained patient and instead took turns wearing shoes. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Also check out the video about parenting tips for Alpha generation:
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