Jakarta – Mastitis is one of the challenges that may be experienced by breastfeeding mothers. Mastitis or infection of the breast not only causes discomfort, but also concern. Because, mothers who suffer from these infections are often worried that it is related to the symptoms of breast cancer that may occur along with the symptoms of mastitis. Mother, mastitis has not been proven to cause cancer, however, some studies show a link between the two conditions. Basically, breast infection does not directly cause cancer. Even so, stay alert to the symptoms of any disease experienced by the breast. “Therefore, an intensive examination of any symptoms is necessary to ensure that there is no cancer in the breast,” said Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, as quoted from the Medical News page. “The risk of breast cancer was significantly lower in breastfeeding mothers when compared to non-breastfeeding mothers. And, there was no increase in lifetime risk with increasing stages of mastitis,” he said. Banner Ricky Soebagdja and his wife/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Yes, Mother, Busui is not completely free of mastitis symptoms within 5 weeks after diagnosis. Mothers should also be thoroughly examined for the presence of breast cancer. Other symptoms to watch out for when suffering from mastitis are discharge from the nipples, hard breasts or a lump in the breast, and red and swollen breasts. Several studies have shown that the risk of noninflammatory breast cancer increases within one year of developing mastitis that is not associated with pregnancy or breastfeeding. This form of mastitis is referred to as nonpuerperal mastitis. Under those conditions, special follow-up care is recommended to monitor the patient using preventive screening techniques. Therefore, if you feel any symptoms are getting worse, it never hurts to immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment as early as possible. Click on the next page, Mom. Check out the video about the natural causes of recurrent mastitis, below.
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