Jakarta – During the pandemic, many people decide to open an online business, Mother. Instantly, online business became a trend in society because the capital required was not too large. There are various online businesses that are run, Mother. Starting from the business of ornamental plants, food, clothing, to baby needs. According to a Financial Planner, Putri Mandarina, before starting an online business, you need to know in advance what type of online business you are running. “If we want to sell online, we have to check, what type of business is it. Is it a digital based business or an offline business that is actually online,” he told HaiBunda some time ago. Even though it looks easy, in fact there are some mistakes that cause your online business to not develop. For example, do not separate personal finances from business finances. “When we run a business, we have to separate business and personal finances. So we really think of him as a business. We don’t take it for needs, such as shopping at the market or for shopping, don’t take it,” said the woman who is familiarly called Puma. “Unless there is a clear calculation, we will note that we really owe our business,” he continued later. Online business mistakes that make it difficult for merchandise to sell In addition to common mistakes in doing business, Putri also explains some mistakes that can make your merchandise or products not sell well. Here is the explanation. 1. It is only marketed when the goods are available. The marketing strategy in online business is very important to do, Mother. According to Putri, it’s a good idea to start selling the goods that Mother trades before the launch in order to attract customers’ interest. “For mothers who want to do business, they can do marketing before the goods are available,” he explained. Click read the next page to see other errors, Mother. Mother, also check out the business video that Wulan Guritno is doing below:
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