Jakarta – Being close to a widower with four children was a challenge for Nathalie Holscher before finally marrying Sule, Mother. Not many know, at the beginning of the introduction, Nathalie Holscher had a hard time conquering the heart of Sule’s only daughter, Putri Delina. This was revealed by Putri Delina herself. He told how his heart at that time was difficult to accept the existence of a new person who would become his father’s life companion. “Incidentally, this Princess was introduced last. Because it might be a girl, the only one. Then maybe it’s a bit difficult and from before, it might feel like that, right. Because Putri is the hardest to get close to new people,” said Putri Delina, reported by the channel. YouTube Chat Asix, quoted Tuesday (11/23/2021). “When it’s finally over after being introduced, it’s really difficult for Putri because new people come in.” Putri admitted, it was her introverted nature that made her little heart reject Nathalie Holscher. Until finally, slowly, Putri accepted the existence of Nathalie as her father’s future wife, Mother. Photo: haibunda.com/Wishfa Hafshah “But in the end.. slowly, Putri must be able to be like that.. what can I do. Even though it was difficult at first, I’m a very introverted person, so here, he will master the language Yes, because I will be a mother and educate Putri’s sisters too,” said Putri Delina. Putri Delina also admitted that in the end she felt melted with Nathalie Holscher because Nathalie always tried to be close to Putri at that time. The true figure of Nathalie was only known to the Princess when she started to get close to him. “At first it was really difficult, fortunately from the mother, she always tried from the start,” recalled Putri Delina. Princess Delina also still remembers how her father, Sule was afraid when she accidentally introduced Nathalie Holscher. Check out the story on the following page. Also check out the video of Sule and Andre Taulany’s luxury homes:
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