The gadget insurance policy. (PasarPolis) – PasarPolis officially collaborates with Shopee to provide gadget insurance. Namely on November 25 to 27, PasarPolis provides gadget insurance products for free for loyal Shopee customers which also coincides with the Shopee Mantul Sale campaign. Customers with a minimum purchase of Rp 500,000 to Rp 40 million for gadget products do not need to pay the cost of gadget insurance protection. The brands that are included in this program are Xiaomi, Huawei, and OPPO. Later, customers who check-out on a Shopee account will get gadget protection for the next one year. This PasarPolis collaboration with Shopee will further strengthen PasarPolis’ mission to develop technological innovations in providing technology-based insurance, by creating access to gadget protection more inclusively at affordable prices and can be accessed more easily by various groups of people through the Shopee application. This strategic collaboration is believed to be able to further expand the positive impact that it wants to present by meeting the needs of the community to protect their gadgets in the midst of an increasingly digital lifestyle today. In the second year of the pandemic, PasarPolis noted that one of the most purchased insurance products by Indonesians through PasarPolis was gadget insurance. Buying gadgets online is increasingly common, both for buying smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The gadget insurance policy. (PasarPolis) Along with the increasing digital penetration in Indonesia, people are already familiar with online shopping activities. A survey from We Are Social in April 2021 noted that 88.1% of internet users in Indonesia are e-commerce users. This percentage also indicates that Indonesia is the country with the highest e-commerce users in the world. This digital lifestyle also has an influence on people’s insurance consumption patterns. With just one click, a person can get protection, both for himself, as well as belongings such as gadgets. Seeing the high public need for protection against gadgets, PasarPolis in collaboration with Shopee has introduced gadget and cracked-screen insurance products since last August 2021. This step is also the first collaboration for Shopee in presenting gadget protection on its platform. All types of gadgets from various brands available at Shopee, can get this insurance protection without exception. Now PasarPolis Presents Gadget Protection at Shopee. (PasarPolis) Adi Darmaputra, Director of Partnership PasarPolis said “In the future, the insurance trend will move to products that are more personal and follow the unique needs that are inherent in the daily life of the wider community. This has been reflected in the increasing public interest in protecting gadgets recorded by PasarPolis. We also continue to expand distribution, including by strengthening strategic partnerships with various parties, especially in the digital ecosystem in line with changes in consumer preferences which are becoming all digital. We believe this strategic partnership with Shopee is able to increase the effectiveness and convenience of insurance and be able to expand access insurance for the community considering Shopee’s wide reach. In the future, an easy, cheap, and fun insurance experience will be created which is also in line with the company’s commitment.” Meanwhile, Daniel Minardi, Head of Brands Management & Digital Products Shopee Indonesia explained “We welcome the collaboration with PasarPolis in presenting gadget protection insurance that can provide a sense of security for users, especially when shopping for gadget products. users, we hope that this collaboration can meet the needs of users, especially in providing easy access for users to get more protection in every purchase of gadget products at Shopee. Besides the opportunity to get PasarPolis gadget protection for several selected products on November 25 – 27, users can also enjoy a series of other interesting offers at Shopee Mantul Sale as part of the 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign.” .

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