The customer is cursed by the motorcycle taxi driver. (tiktok/ciayoo00) – A video about a customer being scolded by an ojol driver because of trivial things has recently become a hot topic of discussion. After this story went viral, various reactions were then given by netizens on TikTok. Viral on TikTok, a video about a customer being scolded by an ojol driver was uploaded by the @ciayoo00 account on Wednesday (11/24/2021). He admitted that the unpleasant incident he experienced made him traumatized by riding an online motorcycle taxi. In the video uploaded by the @ciayoo000 account, he appears to have recorded an argument between him and the ojol driver. The figure of the motorcycle taxi driver who drove him suddenly asked this customer to get off on the side of the road. After returning the helmet belonging to the ojol driver, this customer was actually made even more by the ojol driver. According to the customer’s confession, he was involved in an argument with an ojol driver after giving advice on the best way to go. ”It started with giving advice, so it was cursed,” wrote the caption in the video. Customers cursed by motorcycle drivers. (tiktok/ciayoo00) Going viral on TikTok, uploading a video about a customer who was cursed by this ojol driver then reaped various comments from netizens after uploading the @ciayoo00 account. ”One star auto” replied netizens. ”Ojol drivers are not aware that their work is in the hands of their customers” another account commented. ”From her story, it’s pure driver error. Ma’am, it’s just a suggestion to go deep so that it doesn’t get stuck, the driver refuses and nags to himself plus even complains too,” said netizens replying. Being a conversation, uploads of customer videos that were cursed by ojol drivers because of this trivial thing have then received more than 600 thousand likes and thousands of comments from netizens. Watch the video here. .

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