– Bali United goalkeeper Nadeo Argawinata will again be entrusted by coach Stefano Cugurra Teco to guard the team’s goal when they meet Persija Jakarta. The 13th week of the BRI Liga 1 big match will be held at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Thursday (25/11/2021) tonight at 18.30. Nadeo admitted that Bali United was fully ready to serve Persija’s resistance. “Personally and as a team, we have made preparations to face a team like Persija Jakarta, which everyone knows about the quality of the team. Hopefully, my friends and I can win the game and get three important points,” said Nadeo as published on the official website. Bali United. In Bali United’s last match, which was when they won 2-1 against Persela Lamongan last weekend, Nadeo failed to secure his goal from being conceded after at the end of the first half there was a miscommunication with defender Serdadu Tridatu. Also Read: Persija Jakarta vs Bali United Live Streaming Link This makes Nadeo have to be forced to pick up the ball from the net. The evaluation was also carried out by the owner of the back number 1 in the Bali United squad. “Regarding the evaluation, every match the coaching team must have its own evaluation to improve together. Regarding the miscommunication that caused the conceded goal in the last match, it has been discussed. That is a lesson for me to capitalize on in the next match,” said Nadeo. .

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