RRQ Xin. (instagram/rrq_xinn) Hitekno.com – Team SMG really shone at the MPL Malaysia Season 8. The glow of the Mobile Legends team is certainly inseparable from the great influence of James and SaSa who have just joined the team. This was later acknowledged by the RRQ frontman, Xin. In a live stream that Xin did some time ago, goldlaner RRQ Hoshi praised his former coach, James, who he said was quite smart in managing team strategies. The great influence that James gave after joining Team SMG was felt in MPL Malaysia Season 8 when the team was able to climb to first place and beat a row of other teams. After previously Team SMG was in fourth and fifth positions, now the team has succeeded in being in first place to watch out for in Malaysia. James admitted, this was clearly due to the great influence of James as a coach and SaSa who had just moved from ONIC. ”But it really affected James to enter Team SMG. The previous SMG team in Malaysia was the fourth and fifth team, right, now he’s the number 1 team. It’s because of SaSa too, but James is good at picking people” explained RRQ Xin. RRQ coach, James Chen. (Instagram/ jamesss) Previously, James was known as RRQ Hoshi’s coach for several seasons. In MPL Season 7, he decided to leave the team and join Team SMG. Not long ago, Team SMG then arrived SaSa to strengthen the team. Previously, SaSa had joined ONIC for several seasons before deciding to leave. With the collaboration of SaSa and James as coaches, Team SMG performed brilliantly until they were able to win in the MPL Malaysia Season 8 tournament last year. Now, the team will compete in the M3 World Championship as representatives of Malaysia. .

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