RRQ logo. (Dok. MPL Indonesia) Hitekno.com – To strengthen RRQ Hoshi in the upcoming MPL Season 9, it is said that the king’s team is interested in proposing a player from the Philippines who joined the Omega Esports team, namely Kelra. Information regarding the possibility of Kelra joining RRQ Hoshi was conveyed by Z4pnu in a video uploaded to YouTube some time ago. Revealed by Z4pnu, Omega Esports goldlaner, Kelra, was wanted by the king’s team for the upcoming Mobile Legends tournament. This is quite surprising for Z4pnu, because he and his Omega Esports teammates do not know about it at all. This news was only revealed when Omega Esports received a message from the manager RRQ Hoshi expressing interest in the goldlaner of the Esports team from the Philippines. Furthermore, Z4pnu himself said that he did not object to the choice of his teammates. Provided, this information has been discussed so that there are no problems that might arise in the future. “I don’t mind if he wants to join another team as long as he tells me he wants to move so there won’t be any problems,” Z4pnu explained. There is no definite information regarding this rumour. However, a number of fans apparently claim to believe the rumors conveyed by Z4pnu. If Kelra’s move from Omega Esports to RRQ Hoshi really happens, then he will be the first Filipino player to have a career in Indonesia as an official player for the king’s team. .

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