Students are desperate to tease the teacher. (instagram/perkaracintaa) – A video that recorded a student who was desperate to tease the teacher in class recently became a conversation on social media. Blushing at the action of the two, netizens then left various comments. This video upload about the student who was desperate to tease the teacher was uploaded by the @perkaracintaa account and went viral on Instagram on Thursday (11/18/2021). “Well done, teacher, the students are beautiful, sir,” wrote the caption for the upload @perkaracintaa. In the video, a teacher and student are standing in front of the blackboard in the classroom. When reaching out to ask for an eraser, this beautiful student then directed her hand to form a heart with the teacher. Surprised by this student’s action, the teacher then just laughed. After this action went viral on Instagram, various comments were then left by netizens in the reply column for the @perkaracintaa account. ”Adek is really naughty with his hands or the teacher is a fad huh. The teacher was the one who started first,” replied the netizen. ”Must be ashamed to the bones,” another account commented. ”Chaos” said netizens replying. “Don’t be like that, sir,” wrote another account. Viral on Instagram, the upload about the action of the student who was desperate to tease the teacher has then been watched more than 100 thousand times and received hundreds of comments from netizens. .

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