1999 Junior High School brawl. (instagram/perfectlifeid) Hitekno.com – An old photo showing the 1999 junior high school brawl has become a conversation after being uploaded to Instagram. It’s still happening until now, the little things in this photo of the 1999 junior high school brawl actually made netizens focus wrong. This post regarding the old school photo of the 1999 junior high school brawl was uploaded by the owner of the @perfectlifeid account and went viral on Instagram on Wednesday (11/24/2021). The photo shows one of the streets in Jakarta which is bustling with a number of junior high school students. Not without reason, these junior high school students are apparently participating in a brawl between schools. ”Portrait of the brawling atmosphere of junior high school students in Jakarta in 1999” wrote the caption for the upload @perfectlifeid. According to the upload caption, this old photo of a junior high school student brawl was taken in 1999. Considered to have a striking difference with what is happening in the present, netizens seem to have been wrongly focused on brawls that do not use any weapons. 1999 Junior High School brawl. (instagram/perfectlifeid) After uploading this old photo of the 1999 junior high school brawl viral on Instagram, netizens left various comments in the reply column for the @perfectlifeid account. ”In the past, no one dared to wear a scarf,” netizens replied. ”Cool brawls use formations, use 5-3-2-1 I think that” another account commented. “Revenge between schools has been passed down from generation to generation,” said netizens. ”That they must feel really cool to be able to act in the middle of the road and make a lot of vehicles stop” wrote netizens replying. Viral on Instagram, the upload regarding the 1999 junior high school brawl has received more than 2,800 likes and hundreds of replies from netizens after the @perfectlifeid account was uploaded. .

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