– Raffi Ahmad was happy after seeing his Lamborghini Aventador finished being repaired. The luxury car finally returned to its garage. Some time ago, his Lamborghini Aventador caught fire in 2019. Now the car with the bull logo has been repaired and looks more beautiful. This was revealed in the upload of the Rans Entertainment Youtube account. The husband of Nagita Slavina was amazed by the change in his car because it was very different from before. Seen from the exterior, the color is no longer black but there is a red pattern. Raffi Ahmad’s Lamborghini Aventador after being restored (Youtube) According to the owner of the Hangar Car Service workshop named Ade Hangar, the changes from the exterior side look total. The bodies and paint colors have all been changed. However, the interior is not changed so significantly. Interior changes only occur in the seats. Even so, the display becomes even more luxurious thanks to the choice of bright red color. As for the addition of a fire extinguisher in the cabin of the Lamborghini Aventador. This is to anticipate if a fire incident occurs again. “Oh now there is this (fire extinguisher), this is important,” said Raffi Ahmad. From the side of the seat, Raffi Ahmad entrusts the Hardy Classic workshop. The owner of the workshop admitted that the interior was exactly the same as before the fire. Nothing added. The seats use Alcantara material which is commonly used in luxury car interiors. Alcantara is a synthetic material that mimics Suede, or the back layer of animal skin. Sued is known to have the advantage of a soft, smooth texture, and looks very luxurious. To see the full video, click HERE! .

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