CPF1 Black Security at GIIAS 2021. (PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia) Hitekno.com – PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia offers premium-class window films for your car which they claim will not interfere with gadget, GPS, and On Board Unit (OBU) signals. Namely CPF1 Black Security, which was officially introduced at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2021. In the GIIAS 2021 event which took place on November 11-21 2021 at ICE BSD, South Tangerang, various automotive technologies were exhibited. Except for a series of window films from PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia. PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia as the sole distributor of LLumar window film, at this event brought back its flagship product, the STRATOS Series. Using Hybrid Matrix Technology makes this Double Nano Ceramic window film very maximum in rejecting the sun’s heat. Stratos series with non-metalized materials make Stratos Series window films will not corrode (rust) and are very friendly to gadget signals such as: GPS, Mobile phone, Tablet, and eToll OBU (On Board Unit). All types of original LLumar window films have also been equipped with a QR Code that can be used to check the authenticity of LLumar window films. LLumar window film at GIIAS 2021. (PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia) In addition to products from LLumar window film, PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia of course also carries other superior products, namely CPF1 Black Security, a window film product with dual functions. This window film has a function as well as a security film and solar control film, where this window film in addition to having an excellent solar heat rejection function also has a thickness of up to four times that of ordinary window film so as to prevent glass shards from scattering when the glass is broken. The CPF1 Black Security window film product is also non-metalized so of course it will not interfere with gadget, GPS, and OBU (On Board Unit) signals. CPF1 Black Security at GIIAS 2021. (PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia) “At the GIIAS event, PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia again introduced a new product, namely DURATECT Paint Protection Film, a product from Japan. The DURATECT Paint Protection Film product is a film coating that is applied to paint/body a car that functions to provide protection for your car’s original paint during the product’s lifetime,” said Herrys Winata, Sales & Marketing Manager of PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia, in Jakarta, recently. DURATECT Paint Protection film offers a variety of product advantages, ranging from a high level of film transparency, luxurious shine, a very flexible and strong TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, as well as the ability to repair the surface of the film after being scratched (self healing), and also has a function water repellence (water repellent). DURATECT Paint Protection film at GIIAS 2021. (PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia) In addition to the quality of the proven product, another advantage of DURATECT Paint Protection Film is the price, this product is offered at a very competitive price compared to other Paint Protection Film products in general which are known for their price. expensive. DURATECT Paint Protection film is here as a solution for maximum protection needs for car paint at a more affordable price. “DURATECT Paint Protection Film provides a guarantee of up to 5 years, to guarantee product quality or installation errors,” said Herrys Winata. Those are a series of products from PT Jaya Kreasi Indonesia that will be exhibited at GIIAS 2021. Not only ordinary window films, but some that are claimed to not interfere with gadget and GPS signals. .

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