Jakarta – The name Verrell Bramasta is being discussed a lot by netizens, Mother. Not without reason, Verrell is predicted to be getting closer and closer to the beautiful artist Natasha Wilona, ​​you know. Verrell and Natasha themselves had been in a relationship for a while, Mother. However, the relationship ended halfway. Even though their relationship has ended, Natasha and Verrell are often seen together on several occasions. Therefore, netizens suspect that Natasha and Verrell have returned together. It turns out that this is not only felt by netizens, you know, Mother. As a mother, Venna Melinda also feels that her child is close to Natasha Wilona again. In her interview with Melaney Ricardo, Melaney also asked about the conditions that Natasha had to fulfill if she were to become the mate of Verrell, Mother. According to Venna, whoever is Verrell’s soul mate must be able to unite his family. “If I’m a mother today, nowadays, we can’t make children uncomfortable. So I always say, I want to be with whoever (the soul mate) is important to unite,” said Venna, seen from Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel. According to Venna, ‘to unite’ is a broad thing to describe, Mother. Later, someone who can unify this will be in direct contact with the character he has. “Putting it together for me will definitely relate to the person’s character, how he has intentions. How can my child with him be better in any way. Yes, only Allah knows what is in people’s hearts,” said the woman of three children. Venna then admitted that Natasha Wilona was indeed in love with Verrell, she wanted Natasha to unite herself more with Verrell. He then hopes to have a big family in his old age. “It unites even more between me and Verrell, who was far away. Yes, basically we are the big family, it’s really fun, right in old age. What is old age if we can’t get together,” he explained. So will Venna give her blessing to Natasha Wilona? Check out Venna’s explanation on the next page, Mother. Mother, also watch the video of Gracia Indri officially marrying the following Dutch man:
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