The mansion suddenly collapsed. (tiktok/idamsur7) – The video of a luxury house that suddenly collapsed successfully made netizens shocked to see it. After being uploaded to TikTok, this video upload immediately reaped various reactions from netizens. Uploaded by the @idamsur7 account on Monday (11/22/2021), the video of this luxury house suddenly collapsing went viral on TikTok in no time. According to the uploaded caption, this video of a luxury house suddenly collapsing took place in Banjarmasin. Seen from the uploaded video, this luxury house with yellow paint suddenly collapsed instantly. “The moment the house collapsed in Gatot Subroto, Gang Rama, Banjarmasin,” wrote the caption for the upload @idamsur77. It is not known with certainty what caused this luxurious house to suddenly collapse. However, after the video went viral on TikTok, various reactions were then given by netizens. The mansion suddenly collapsed. (tiktok/idamsur7) ”This is an example if Allah withdraws wealth in an instant, it doesn’t last for a minute,” netizens replied. ”Between the two, Allah wills or the material is corrupted” another account commented. ”That’s a stupid foundation material” said another netizen. A netizen with the @Paijo account then gave an explanation about the incident of this luxury house that suddenly collapsed. According to him, the house is uninhabited and it has been a long time since the sound of a building cracking has been heard from that location. “Chronology, this house is inhabited in Jakarta, so it’s been a week since the house has made the sound of kretek-kretek, said the guard,” wrote a netizen. After going viral on TikTok, this video of a luxury house that suddenly collapsed has already received more than 800 thousand likes and tens of thousands of replies from netizens. Watch the video here. .

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