The meaning of the word TBL. (tiktok/bondol_jpg) – Some time ago, the acronym TBL was buzzing on Twitter to dominate the Trending column in Indonesia. It’s been booming before on TikTok, apparently this is the abbreviation for TBL. Being a trend in itself, TBL immediately dominated Twitter to TikTok in a short time. What’s unique about this TBL is the way of pronunciation that is identical to one of the content creators on TikTok, namely Bondol. Seeing its origin, the abbreviation TBL became popular after being mentioned by TikTok users with the @bondol_jpg account. Gradually, this abbreviation immediately became a filler in Indonesian slang dictionaries. Quite simply, TBL apparently stands for Fear Really. On Instagram to TikTok, many users imitate Bondol’s typical TBL pronunciation complete with its signature clubbing style. The Bondol figure with the username @bondol_jpg is famous for his funny actions when reminiscing about music to styles that were popular in the 2000s. The meaning of the word TBL. (tiktok/bondol_jpg) Following its boom with content typical of the 2000s, Bondol became popular with the acronym TBL which later dominated videos on Instagram to Twitter and TikTok. Recently, the abbreviation TBL became a netizen conversation on Twitter until it managed to sit in the ranks of Trending Topic Indonesia. The abbreviation TBL TBL TBL even occupies the first position in the Trending column. To understand the trend of this abbreviation TBL, watch one of Bondol’s videos at this link when demonstrating how to pronounce the abbreviation that is popular to Trending on Twitter. .

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