Jess No Limit & Oura. (instagram/jessnolimit) – A viral video recently showed Jess No Limit’s reaction when he saw his moments when he was still a pro player. Stealing attention, the expression of this former Mobile Legends pro player then became the spotlight of fans. This piece of Jess No Limit’s video was uploaded by the Instagram account @fanny_daratan some time ago. In the video, this gaming YouTuber is watching a video of himself when he was a pro player. ”King without a crown Jess No Limit” wrote the upload caption. Not overreacting, Jessica Jane’s sister just gave a sad look when she saw herself with her former team, EVOS Legends. In that moment, Jess No Limit witnessed his actions with his flagship gameplay when he was a pro player. As is known, at that time, Jess No Limit’s actions with reliable heroes like Karrie and Fanny really stole the attention. When he became a pro player, Jess No Limit was known to have joined Oura, Emperor, Donkey, Marsha to IOS. These six Mobile Legends players were booming in their time. After this upload went viral, a number of netizens were misfocused with Jess No Limit’s expression when they saw herself and her former teammates. ”I’m touched” replied netizens. ”Jess No Limit is famous for Mobile Legends (x) Mobile Legends is famous for Jess No Limit (y)” another account commented. The name Jess No Limit is indeed very influential in the pro scene of Mobile Legends. Before finally becoming as popular as it is now, the name Jess No Limit became one of the pro players who skyrocketed with the popularity of Mobile Legends. .

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