This old football match advert made netizens suffocate. (Facebook Muhammad Pakde Riza via Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe) – Some old school advertisements have historical value for the next generation. An old announcement regarding the Indonesian national football match against the Yugoslavia national team caught the attention of netizens. An interesting post on the Indonesian Facebook forum Tempoe Doeloe showed ticket prices when Indonesia hosted the friendly match against Yugoslavia. The post shared by an account named Muhammad Pakde Riza shows an announcement of ticket prices so that spectators can enter the Ikada Stadium. This old school ad still uses the old spelling with a fairly simple announcement design. “The Big Football Match. PSSI – Jugoslavia. On Sunday, December 23, 1956 at the Ikada Stadium. Upfront sales of cards can be obtained starting on Thursday, December 20, 1956 at the Ikada Stadium cash,” reads an announcement in an old-school advertisement. . Netizens highlight the “cheap” price listed on the old ad. Tickets for the closed stands are priced at Rp. 60, the open stands are Rp. 40, and the stands are Rp. 20. The advertisement for this old football match has made netizens suffocate. (Facebook Muhammad Pakde Riza via Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe) For information, the Ikada Stadium (Djkarta Athletic Association) was a fairly luxurious stadium in the 1950s era. Quoted from Wikipedia, long before Senayan was built, Ikada Field was previously known as Gambir Field. Before the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was completed to welcome the IV Asian Games in 1962, Ikada was a place for PSSI’s training and matches. This place has now become the Monas area. Based on historical records, the Indonesian national team met with the Yugoslav national team several times in friendly matches. The match on December 23, 1956 ended in the victory of the Yugoslav national team with a score of 5 vs 1. There were netizens who commented that the ticket price was very cheap because it was priced at Rp. 60. If you look at it now, the nominal is indeed very small. Even so, the price was quite normal in the 1950s era. Through old advertisements that circulated in the 1950s, ticket prices for local football matches were priced at Rp. 5 to Rp. 10. There were even special stands and VIP stands with a tag of Rp. 30 to Rp. 50. Advertisements for this old football match made netizens spooked. . (Facebook Muhammad Pakde Riza via Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe) This old 1956 football match advert went viral after being shared dozens of times by netizens. The old announcement provoked various comments from netizens. “Watch, the ticket is cheap, only Rp. 60, I want to take a village,” said De**juna Pe**kind. “Before the breakup, Yugoslavia was one of the strongest teams of its time,” replied Aque**nova. “Wow, there are standing tickets too,” commented R**i H**afi. “Maybe Rp 60 is the same as Rp 650 thousand now, so it’s the same (laughing emoticon),” said I**wan M*. That was the ad from the 1956 football match that went viral on Facebook, what do you think? .

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