Jakarta – COVID-19 in the country is not over yet, Mother. Although the weekly report of the World Health Organization (WHO) some time ago noted that the number of COVID-19 cases hospitalized in DKI Jakarta was still recorded to have decreased to 180 cases, it did not mean it was safe. The proof, now the number is increasing again. WHO sees that cases over the past week have increased, although not significantly. “On November 21, the number of COVID-19 cases treated in hospitals was reported in DKI Jakarta with 200 cases, a slight increase from 180 cases one week earlier,” WHO wrote in its weekly report (WHO Situation Report Indonesia), quoted from detik.com, Thursday 25/11/2021). Despite this news, fortunately the number of people who are undergoing isolation continues to decline. Of the 500 cases, now there are 296 cases. “At the same time period, the number of cases reported in self-isolation decreased from 514 to 296 cases,” the WHO said. Meanwhile, nationally, the COVID-19 positivity rate in Indonesia for the last nine weeks has consistently been below 2 percent. This indicates that the rate of transmission of COVID-19 remains at low risk. Even so, WHO still reminds Indonesia to maintain the testing standard of 1 per 1,000 population. This seeks to see the risk of transmission. The number of tests carried out by the government since May 2021 has even exceeded the WHO standard. “In the last ten weeks, the number of tests carried out was recorded at more than 4 per 1,000 residents in a week.” “It is critical to ensure the continuation of a rigorous testing strategy to rapidly identify COVID-19 cases among suspected cases and close contacts,” the WHO said. In addition, until now WHO still assesses that all Indonesian provinces are at level 1 of COVID-19 transmission. This means that the risk of COVID-19 in the general population in the last 14 days was low. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also see IDAI’s explanation about children with diabetes may receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the following video:
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