Jakarta- During pregnancy, Mother always monitors the development of the fetus from week to week. In this 11th week, your little one has developed his human characteristics, such as fingers and toes. The size of the fetus has begun to grow, Mother is estimated to be the size of a strawberry. Curious about the development of your fetus at the 11th week of pregnancy? Let’s continue to read the explanation, Mother. Launching from the WhattoExpect page, at 11 weeks pregnant, some mothers still feel nauseous in the morning and will begin to subside as they approach the end of the first trimester. Due to nausea, you will usually feel a reluctance to eat and bloating at some time. The size of the baby at the 11th week of pregnancy By the 11th week of pregnancy, your fetus has increased in length by about an inch and a half and weighs about a quarter of an ounce. Your baby is growing faster at this 11th week of pregnancy. Development of baby’s fingers, toes, and other body parts Hair follicles have formed not only on the crown, but throughout the fetus’s body. Then those tiny hands and feet already have their own fingers and toes. So hands and feet are not like frogs with webbed Mother. Meanwhile, fingernails and toenails begin to develop this week in the 11th week of pregnancy and in the next few weeks. These nails will continue to grow until the baby is born into your world. So, don’t forget to add baby nail clippers to your grocery list while preparing for the birth of your little one, Mother. Although you can’t tell the sex of your baby at this 11th week of pregnancy, the ovaries are developing in a female fetus. And at week 11 of pregnancy, the baby has human characteristics other than hands and feet, namely ears that are almost in final shape, nasal passages open at the tip of his tiny nose, tongue and palate in the mouth area, and nipples that are already visible. “All of your baby’s organs are formed during the embryonic stage. Now, in the fetal stage, your baby’s organ systems will grow and mature until birth,” says Anita Sadaty, MD, an obstetrician in New York quoted from the VeryWellFamily page, Wednesday (17/11). To find out the development of his head and face, click on the next page, Mother. Check out the video about the 7 stages of bone development in the fetus during pregnancy below:
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