Jakarta – It doesn’t feel like the awaited day is near, it can be seen from the look on the mother’s face that she can’t wait for the arrival of a baby. Everything has certainly been prepared, as well as the selection of a name that will be a prayer and hope for the Little One, Mother. Of course, choosing the most suitable name for your little one is not easy. Moreover, there are so many choices of baby names to make Mother confused. But lately, the selection of baby names that seem modern is on the rise. Many mothers and fathers choose baby boy names that are modern or modern. The term modern itself can be interpreted as something that is new, something that is up to date in accordance with the demands of the times. Illustration of baby names/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Halfpoint Reporting from The Bump and Kidadl, here are some modern baby boy names starting with the letter AE with their meanings that you can consider. Adam means land, earth Alexander means defender, protector Auggie means great Asher means happy Amias means loved by Adley means God is fair Alarick means noble Adiv means polite Asher means happy Alastor means defender Averett means strong and brave Asher means happy Azria means protected by God Azarya means always helped by God Archie means brave prince Alfie means wise Aryo means warrior Aakil means intelligent Adrian means from Hadria Birk means shines Bellamie means handsome Byron means brave Bravo means extraordinary Cairo means lucky Cairo means lucky Conrad means brave Azariah means protected by God Dylan means sea boy Elliot means brave and confident Eric means eternal ruler Emir means prince Elmir means noble, famously Eames means protector of Eiden means Eden fire means happy Evan means God is good Ezra is good Felyx means helper means lucky, Edrik means rich and strong, Emlynn means full of spirit, Gadi means lucky, Gaspard means treasure Gael means a speaker, Gaius means happy, Leonidas means lion, strong Harry means strength, ruler Hugo means smart, Husayn means handsome, Isaac means happiness, Joshua means savior James means Jacob’s replacement means God protects Jonah means pigeon Junot means young King means king Kirin means praising Kamal means perfect Killian means smart Kano means Lucas strength means shine, bright Louis means famous warrior Leo means lion Lazzaro means God is my helper Mylo means loving Muhsin means brave, intelligent Matvey means gift from God Mathhew means gift Maverick means independent man Mordy means son Max means biggest Maier means bright Nikolai means lucky Nuriya means light Naveen means handsome Nicholas means victory Otis means wealth Owen means noble born Obi means heart Priceton means prince Peregrin means explorer Quillen means son Ryker means rich Rahm means helper Ryan means little king Raiden means lightning god Raylen means protector Rahi means explorer Rubin means son – Samson means the light of the sun Sahel means leader Sloane means warrior Theo means gift from God Tristan means brave Thomas means leader Vyacheslav means great glory Zlatan means gold Zahavi means gold Zerah means glowing Zawadi means gift Zayne means God is all-loving That’s Mother, baby name choice men starting with AE who have a modern impression. Hopefully Mom and Dad can find the best name for your little one. Check out the video about 30 baby boy names from various languages ​​with extraordinary meanings below.
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