Jakarta – Oil is a good source of protein for the body, Mother. However, consuming too much oil can put you at risk for various diseases. In order for you to avoid various diseases, you need home cooking without frying that only uses a little oil, here. In addition to having a healthy body, this recipe can also be used as a reference for planning your weekly menu. Home cooking recipes for a week without fries There are many home cooking recipes without fried and oil efficient, Mother. If you are curious, here is Bubun to help summarize a row of recipes and how to make them from various sources. Day One Start the first day with an easy-to-make dish, Mother. There is a delicious recipe for baked salmon and kale balacan, here. 1. Baked salmon Ingredients: 1 piece of salmon 250 grams 1 onion, roughly chopped 4 pieces of garlic, thinly sliced ​​1 tablespoon margarine/butter, for sauteing Salt and pepper powder to taste How to make: Clean salmon, add lime juice and salt and pepper. Set aside 30 minutes, or refrigerate until near mealtime. Saute garlic and onions with margarine, season with pepper. On a heatproof dish, place the salmon. Drizzle the top with the sautéed onions, then bake for 15-20 minutes until the salmon is cooked through. Serve with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. 2. Kangkung balacan Ingredients: 1 bunch of kale that has been picked and washed 1 tomato cut into 8 pieces Coarsely ground spices: 3 red chilies 2 cayenne pepper 6 cloves of red onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 tsp of shrimp paste A little salt Sugar according to taste Cooking oil Salt How to make: Boil kale, remove and drain. Saute the ground spices until fragrant and cooked, add the tomatoes until wilted. Serve the kale stew by sprinkling the spices on it. Ready to serve. Day Two The second day is better for soupy food that can warm the body, here. There is a recipe for spicy mackerel and young papaya vegetables, Mother. 1. Spicy mackerel sauce Ingredients: 150 grams of red base seasoning 300 ml of water 3 pieces of lime leaves 2 lemongrass stalks, bruised 2 cm of galangal, bruised 3 eyes of kandis acid 4 pieces of mackerel 5 vegetable tomatoes, sliced ​​5 star fruit vegetables, sliced ​​10 red cayenne pepper 20 pieces of basil leaves How to make: Cook the basic red seasoning with water, lime leaves, lemon grass, ginger, galangal, and kandis acid. Cook until boiling. After that, enter the mackerel, Mother. Cook until cooked and the gravy has reduced. Add sliced ​​tomatoes, star fruit, cayenne pepper, and basil leaves. Cook briefly then remove. Serve while warm. 2. Vegetable young papaya Ingredients: 400 grams of young papaya, cut into matchsticks 600 ml of thin coconut milk 2 tablespoons of cooking oil for sauteing 3 tablespoons of fried onions for sprinkling 500 ml of mushroom broth Fine seasoning: 3 pieces of red onion 1 clove of garlic 1 piece of cayenne pepper red 1 tsp shrimp paste 1 tbsp salt Method: Heat oil and saute ground spices until fragrant. Add the papaya slices and fry until slightly wilted. Add mushroom broth and coconut milk. Let it boil and the spices to infuse. Lift. Mother’s fresh papaya vegetables are ready to be served for lunch. Third Day This Sunday has been running for three days, Mother. Keep saving oil by making mushroom scrambled dishes and genjer tauco, let’s go. 1. Scrambled mushrooms Ingredients: 2 chicken eggs, beaten 250 grams of short shredded oyster mushrooms 2 tablespoons chopped garlic 2 tablespoons thinly sliced ​​red chili 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder Salt to taste 3 tablespoons cooking oil How to make: Heat it up 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick skillet. Fry the beaten eggs and stir or scramble until half cooked. Remove and set aside. Reheat 2 tbsp cooking oil, saute minced garlic until half dry. Add ground pepper, salt, chili slices, and shredded mushrooms. Saute until the mushrooms are cooked and not runny. Add the scrambled eggs, stir until evenly distributed and remove. Serve the scrambled mushrooms while warm. 2. Genjer tauco Ingredients: 400 grams of young genjer flowers 500 ml of water 2 tablespoons of cooking oil 100 grams of medium size shrimp, wash, peel, leave the tail 50 grams of tauco 1 bay leaf 1 segment of galangal, bruised 1 tomato, cut into quarters Seasoning part: 1 tablespoon ground red chili 2 tablespoons sliced ​​red onion 1 tablespoon sliced ​​garlic 1 teaspoon shrimp paste 1 tablespoon salt How to make: Boil 500 ml of water in a pan, add genjer flowers and cook for 5 minutes, Mother. Lift and drain. Heat oil in a frying pan, saute onion, garlic, chili, shrimp paste, bay leaf, galangal, tomato, and salt until fragrant. Add the tacos, stir-fry until evenly distributed. Lift. Prepare a serving plate, place and arrange the boiled genjer flowers. Sprinkle the tauco seasoning on it, Mother. Serve while warm. Click to read the next page, Mother. Mother, also check out the video for this special oxtail soup recipe:
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