Jakarta – Congratulations, Mother, the ultrasound results show that the sex of the little one is female. Now, it’s time for Mother to prepare everything to welcome this beautiful little one. Have you prepared your baby’s name yet? Of course, there are many considerations when choosing the right name. Besides being good and beautiful, a name must have a good meaning. One of the meanings of a good name is ‘bringer of sustenance’. It is hoped that in the future the Little One will grow abundantly in sustenance and be able to help those around him. Illustration of baby names/ Photo: iStock The following is a series of baby girl names that mean sustenance carriers quoted from Mom Junction: 1. Amrisha Kiaria Oshaira Amrisha means truth, lucky Kiaria means lucky Oshaira means having abundant and lucky sustenance 2. Audney Fayola Behati Audney means wealth what Fayola found means good luck, sustenance giver Behati means bringing sustenance, happiness 3. Audrina Ediva Miesha Audrina means noble, strong, rich Ediva means hard worker to get sustenance Miesha means sustenance from God 4. Aniya Hrieya Karisma Aniya means a pleasure from God Hrieya means prosperous and has sustenance Charisma means extraordinary sustenance 5. Ashira Raesa Halona Ashira means bearer of sustenance Raesa means a woman who gives sustenance Halona means luck, giver of sustenance 6. Althea Saaeda Aganaya Althea means blessed Saaeda means prosperous, happy Aganaya means rich, lucky and ma kmur 7. Adeola Kamya Niyati Adeola means having sustenance and honor Kamya means beautiful, lucky Niyati means destiny, fortune 8. Adreeana Mehr Kiranyasri Adreanna means blessed Mehr means blessing Kiranyasri means money and luck 9. Asyrah Sarvia Lahja Asyrah means people who have sustenance and noble heart Sarvia means someone who gives sustenance Lahja means extraordinary sustenance 10. Alodia Sachi Aishwariya Alodia means bringer of sustenance, wealth Sachi means sustenance of happiness Aishwariya means prosperity and wealth 11. Alazne Hiza Jashira Alazne means miracle Hiza means luck Jashira means sustenance, wealth 12 Dionne Aesica Marvella Dionne means blessed Aesica means rich person Marvella means blessing 13. Diana Elsa Arika Diana means carrier of sustenance and health Elsa means noble Arika means rich and prosperous 14. Edyta Krizia Audhilda Edyta means a gift that brings fortune Krizia means wealth A Udsilda means a woman who brings sustenance 15. Edwina Dhanvi Gordana Edwina means success and gets sustenance Dhanvi means a woman who is rich Gordana means a leader, strong and has sustenance 16. Eula Nateira Mineta Eula means rich and pemata Laut Nateira means she who is blessed Mineta means generous and giver of sustenance 17. Edelina Konila Caige Edelina means rich and blessed person Konila means beauty and wealth Caige means wisdom and giver of sustenance 18. Fana Eldoie Jessique Fana means respect, shine and giver of sustenance Eldoie means filled with sustenance and luck Jessique means sustenance in grace God 19. Elaura Lanre Medora Elaura means rich and famous Lanre means wealth is the future Medora means sustenance from Mother 20. Edwyna Aksha Richenza Edwyna means valuable and sustenance giver Aksha means blessing Richenza means a woman who gives sustenance 21. Evangelina Asvini Fortunata Evangelina means bearer of good news Asvini means people who have abundant wealth Fortunata means luck 22. Fausta Destiny Bashuda Fausta means luck Destiny means destiny Bashuda means producer of sustenance 23. Felicity Liora Blessing Felicity means happy, good fortune Liora means blessing from light Blessing means blessed, sustenance 24. Hannah Felice Krizia Hannah means sustenance from God Felice means beautiful, lucky, sustenance giver Krizia means giver of sustenance, wealth 25. Kiara Aicha Matana Kiara means lucky Aicha means sustenance giver Matana means blessing 26. Nima Avalin Edrea Nima means blessing Avalin means sustenance and humble Edrea means rich and powerful people 27. Nidia Thara Marnia Nidia means giver of pleasure and sustenance Thara means giver of sustenance Marnia means getting sustenance anywhere 28. Richa Ghana Edina Richa means ruler of peace, giver of sustenance Ghana means very rich woman, have a lot of sustenance Edina means a giver of sustenance 29. Thara Aesica Avalin Thara means a giver of sustenance Aesica means a rich person Avalin means sustenance and humble 30. Zanetta Ashira Tharwah Zanetta means a blessing Ashira means a giver of sustenance Tharwah means a rich girl That’s Mother, 30 a series of baby girl names meaning bearers of sustenance. Is there anything you like? Check out the video about 30 series of baby girl names, a combination of 2 languages, below.
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