Illustration of playing games on HP. (Pixabay) – Check games that have been proven to give you free money and credit. There are at least four interesting money-making games. In today’s sophisticated era, making money is no longer a matter of how long you are in the office. However, you will be materially abundant if you are creative who can make good use of social media that exists today. For example, someone who likes to create interesting content, they can use YouTube to get rupiah coffers. Likewise, people who have more advantages, but are reluctant to make long videos, then they can take advantage of TikTok. The two applications are proven to be able to pay users, you know, provided the users are creative so they have a lot of followers. Well, if you are a gamer, you can also earn money by participating in game competitions. However, if you are “just” an amateur gamer, you can try these four game applications to make money and credit. Here are four recommendations for games that make money and credit for free that can be additional income: Hago Illustration of the game Hago. (Play Store) This application is proven to be able to give you additional income, you know. The method is also easy, you only need to complete a few games. If you win, then you will get points. Well, these points can be exchanged for money or credit. If you want coins to be converted into money, then you will be asked to create a funds account first. Cash Pop Cash Pop. (Google Play Store) As the name implies, you will also be paid cash when playing games. The difference is, this application is not only used to play games, you know. You can also chat, watch videos and browse in this CashPop application. This application provides reward points that can be exchanged in the form of credit, data quota (internet), e-Wallet, and vouchers. There are also many food vouchers or beauty products that you can use. Cashtree Cashtree. (Google Play Store) The Cashtree application went viral some time ago. Just like CashPop, this application also dares to give you money and credit for free. You will be given several missions to complete before getting paid. Cool, right? Real Money Real Money. (Google Play Store)This game will provide simple tasks that you can do alone or with friends. Not only that, you will also be given a referral code that can make you earn money if your friends join. Real Money will give you IDR 2,250 after your friend logs into the application. Those are four recommendations for free money-making games and pulses. Good luck! Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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