Jakarta – Blighted ovum is one of the most worried pregnancy problems for mothers. Blighted ovum or also known as empty pregnancy, is often not realized because the symptoms are similar to normal pregnancy. In the case of blighted ovum, a pregnancy test using a test pack usually results in the same as pregnancy in general, which is positive. This is because pregnancy hormones are also found in the condition of the blighted ovum. Blighted ovum is a pregnancy that does not contain an embryo or prospective fetus. In a normal pregnancy, a woman will contain a gestational sac that contains an embryo. In blighted ovum, pregnancy only leaves the gestational sac without an embryo and this condition is called anembryonic. Blighted ovum can be characterized by abdominal pain or bleeding. So many people assume that an empty pregnancy is a normal miscarriage. While the risk of miscarriage can occur in 10-20 percent of pregnancies. About 80 percent of them occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or the first trimester. Of the miscarriages that occur, 50 percent of them experience a blighted ovum. This condition is also known as anembryonic. Signs of a blighted ovum Signs of a person experiencing a blighted ovum are the same as signs of pregnancy in general, Mother. The difference is, the embryo is not in the gestational sac or is not developing properly. The following are signs of a blighted ovum that appears because the body thinks pregnancy is not good: Vaginal bleeding Spots appear Blood clots appear with cramps and pain in the abdomen and lower back Heartburn In the end, the mechanism for expelling the pregnancy itself will occur in the condition of the blighted ovum . Illustration of blighted ovum Photo: Getty Images/staticnak1983 Causes and risk factors for blighted ovum Causes and risk factors for miscarriage are generally caused by the fetus. In blighted ovum, the risk factors are the same, namely: Genetic disorders, such as problems in the chromosomes. The quality of egg cells that can be influenced by the mother’s age. The quality of the eggs of women over 35 years generally begins to decline and is getting worse. Sperm quality can cause developmental abnormalities in pregnancy. Have had a blighted ovum in a previous pregnancy. Having diseases, such as diabetes, lupus, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) related to blood viscosity, toxoplasmosis, rubella, to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Then, how to detect the occurrence of blighted ovum? Check it out on the next page, Mother: Also check out the factors that trigger miscarriage as explained in the video below:
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